Islam: A Very Short Introduction offers essential insight into the structure and Malise Ruthven answers fundamental questions about the nature and scope of. Page i Islam A Very Short Introduction Malise Ruthven is a lecturer in comparative religion, specializing in Islamic affairs, at the University of Aberdeen. Malise Ruthven’s Very Short Introduction contains essential insights into issues such How must Islam adapt as it confronts the modern world?.

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The American historian Marshall Hodgson distinguished between the ‘Islamic’ pertaining to the religion and what he termed the ‘Islamicate’ pertaining to the broader cultural and societal frame of which the religion is part, and over which it may be said to preside.

Introductipn admittedly sometimes tough to wade through, mostly because nearly every other noun in the book stems from an Arabic word and therefore is hard to pronounce and contains an apostrophe or two. Dec 11, Dharason rated it it was ok. Their descendants include two prosperous modern groups from Indiathe Musta’lian Bohras and the Nizari Isma’ilis. Sufis performing the dhikr’remembrance’ of Godnear Omdurman, Sudan.

Access to the complete content on Very Short Introductions online requires a subscription or purchase. It does not recognized corporate entities and also impedes economic and political development.

Showing of 40 reviews. Another food miracle in which 1, people are fed from a single sheep recalls the feeding of the 5, in the New Ibtroduction. The difference lies not in his historical influence or the degree of fascination exercised over the minds of his followers, but rather in the different status accorded to his utterances. I think its important for people to know of the former glory and religious tolerance of Muslims. Generally decentralized religious authority as in American Protestantism tends towards conservatism.

The following year the men of the Banu Quraiza are massacred, and their women taken into slavery, after intriguing with the Meccans during the ‘Battle of the Ditch’, a siege lasting several weeks when the Quraishi cavalry are kept at bay by a series of trenches ordered by the Prophet on the advice of his Persian follower Salman al-Farsi.

The century or more of oral transmission between the life intorduction death of Muhammad and the first biographies makes factual certainty impossible.

The Imams or leaders in the line of ‘Ali demonstrate not the unity of Islam, but rather its opposite. These and numerous other allusions to events which apparently occurred are fleshed out by hadith reports transmitted over more than a century and included in the sira. The medieval mind saw in his every activity the perfection of conduct, his every opinion a direct guidance from God. God is both transcendent and immanent, the Lord of Creation and One who is nearer to an individual than his ‘jugular vein’.


The official reason for his execution was his teaching that the pilgrimage to Mecca ‘The Malies teach that the natural love of humans for each other is necessary to show one the way to the love of God.

Septembercame from the ranks of the senior clergy.

Islam: A Very Short Introduction

The book certainly outlines that well, but I would have liked a bit more information about how religious fundamentalism has hijacked this peaceful and entrepreneurial philosophy maliise turned it into this hyper-sensitive, intolerant dogma that strips women of nearly all human rights I liked it as an intro, but she summarized too many complex issues in complex sentences that I had to reread many times to understand. Though some Sufi brotherhoods took a leading part in the anti-colonial struggles, others collaborated with the colonial authorities.

The claims of ‘Ali, Muhammad’s cousin and rhthven, his closest male relative, are bypassed on this and two subsequent occasions. The very basics are there and well presented. With the collapse of the Islamic superstate that lasted barely two centuries after the death of the Prophet Muhammad, religious authority was entrusted to the ‘ulama sing.: So that there is no first nor last, nor outward nor inward, except Him, without these becoming Him or His becoming them.

Does God know in advance who is going to sin? Yet from the very first, according to Islam’s sacred narrative, that terrestrial unity is compromised by the Muslims themselves. Though not a ‘paid up member’ of the Isma’ili movement, Ibn Sina may be said to have been a fellow-traveller.

The last of these is Muhammad. An illuminated page from the Quran: The Quran alludes to an incident when a group of bedouin Arabs claimed to have become believers and are told by God through the Prophet: That is why He sent them the prophets, the last of whom was Muhammad, to guide them along the path of justice and truth. He had thin hair on his chest. Fuelled by atavistic notions of each as the hostile ‘other’ -motifs that stretch back to the Crusades – such predictions can all too easily become self-fulfilling.

Malise Ruthven Islam A Very Short Introduction | Salim Ullah –

God makes himself known only through revelation, and the terms in which he chooses to reveal himself including his throne, his hands etc. Apr 19, Edward Boyle rated it liked it. After the victory of Badr, when Muhammad’s position is greatly strengthened, his relations with them deteriorate. Muhammad, his clan, and those of his followers who remained in Mecca were subjected to a boycott with a view to excluding them from the city’s commercial life.


This phrase, a key term in Ash ‘ari theology, ‘leaves to God the understanding of his own mystery’. The tradition was maintained under the Ottoman Empire’s successor-state Iraq which, despite having a population that is at least 55 per cent Shi’i, has a government that remains firmly under Sunni control.

Ruthven includes a new chapter on “Globalized Islam,” which examines the effects of economic globalization, the impact of international events in Middle Eastern countries, the questions surrounding Islam and democracy, and the reception and perception of Islam in the West.

These three definitions neither exclude nor include each other. More central to the concerns of this essay are isalm problems of authority and power.

The Ihya ilam Hasan al-Banna’s bedside reading. The author does not evade the inrroduction debate about the relationship between the West and the Islamic world, but succeeds in creating a broader perspective on this controversial issue. Just as ‘God’s speech’ as delivered by the angel enjoys a higher ontological status than the speeches of the Prophet recorded in the hadith literature, so the Prophet’s Life appears after the testimony of the Book. These early disputes are largely, if not exclusively, concerned with power.

Early theological debates centred on such questions as the status of sinners, free will and predestination, God’s justice, and the anthropomorphic attributions of God in the Quran. The mystically inclined Sufis — named after the coarse shirts of wool souf worn by some early adepts — rejected or de-emphasized outward or formalistic forms of observance in favour of a style of pietism that sought to apprehend the reality of God’s unity through direct experience.

Can women find fulfillment in Islamic societies? All of these books shaped my opinion of this particular book before I wrote this review. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. The law developed separately from the agencies entrusted with its enforcement, and so military-tribal rule became the norm.