: Lutron Grafik Eye GRX-CI-RS Control Interface V Class 2: Camera & Photo. Find great deals for Lutron Grafik Eye Grx-ci-rs Control Interface. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Grafik Eye, Control Interface, Uses RS Command Set for Grafik Eye / , Low-Voltage 12 – 24VDC, Wall Mounting.

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Locks all other system controls from this Control Unit scene lock. Inductive loads include, but are not limited to, relays, solenoids, and motors. Dec 2, at 6: For scene selection and special function modes, one control unit or a group of control units may be assigned to be operated by the GRX-IO.

Incandescent tungsten Halogen Magnetic low-voltage transformer iron core Electronic solid-state low-voltage transformer must be manufacturer approved for reverse-phase control dimming. Switches up to 16A litron electronic capacitive fluorescent ballasts. Allows the zone to dim or switch a fully-loaded circuit of lighting. Selects Scene 16 full ON. Use switching power module for non-dim loads.

Open collector PNP or active-high on-state voltage must be greater than 12 V and source 3. Does not affect sound rating of electronic transformers.


Interface, RS232

Phase independent of Control Unit. Trigger outputs to control other equipment. Minimum load on power module is 10 W. Up to five Modules may be linked to obtain the necessary load capacity. Each input is set up to operate the control units associated with a movable wall or walls.

Using the outputs, scene changes in control units can: Phase-adaptive technology automatically selects leading-edge or trailing-edge dimming for low-voltage transformers. Operating Modes Grx-cl-rs232 selection Special functions Partitioning Occupant sensor Five Input Terminals Accept maintained inputs and momentary inputs with 40 msec minimum pulse times.

Module protects itself during ggrx-ci-rs232 over-current conditions on dimmed output.

Module protects itself during temporary over-current and over-voltage conditions. Provide status feedback to other putron. Provides 5 inputs and 5 outputs. Oct 16, Messages: Thanks for the offer but I couldn’t go that high. Power Load output power: To control these types of equipment, a flyback diode must be used DC voltages only.

Dec 7, at 7: Pilot light indicates the phase status. Five Output Terminals Provide grx-ci-rs32 or momentary 1-second outputs. Provides power and switching for one zone.


Works with forward phase or leading edge dimmers and reverse phase or trailing edge dimmers. No, create an account now. For pricing options and packages, contact us at A normally open or normally closed dry contact input on the FACP inputs will activate the emergency mode. Up to 3 grx-ci-ra232 modules may be controlled by a single dimmer. Models available for V only or V load voltage.

Turn lights on or off based on room occupancy. These codes allow additional features including:.

Lutron Grafik Eye Grx-ci-rs Control Interface | eBay

Maximum heat output of module: Delivery cost is not included Payment method: A test switch is provided to perform a functional test of the system by simulating an emergency situation. Dims or switches most popular lighting sources and load types.

Allows control of V loads using a V lighting control. Surface or recess mount indoors only. Share This Page Tweet.