Now screenwriter and first-time novelist Faunce allows Borgia to speak for herself in this extravagant first-person narrative of Borgia’s life in late. Lucrezia Borgia, for example, was the daughter of Pope Alexander VI, and, like just about everyone who grew up at the foot of a throne, her. Lucrezia Borgia by John Faunce – book cover, description, publication history.

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The language that he chooses to have Lucrezia use is also a big detraction because I can’t even pretend to believe that she would have spoken like that.

In this unforgettable debut, John Faunce perfectly captures the rotten decadence of the Borgias’ papal court and the inner steel of Lucrezia Borgia, one of history’s great survivors.

With her virginity declared “miraculously” intact, Lucrezia is forced to marry again, this time to one of Italy’s richest heirs. I actually forced myself to finish this book, in hopes that perhaps woul It was a toss up between a one or a two for this book. I cannot lkcrezia the men who ordered the stake set on fire really believed it would ever find anyone innocent. And my gosh, with a topic like Lucrezia Borgia, how can luceezia book be boring?

People weren’t just unabashedly homosexual, especially poor people like maids. I did like The Borgia Bride though. Feb 05, Lucreiza rated it liked it.


A whole page describing the carvings on the legs of her dining room table. I am fairly familiar with The Borgia family and their history, so that aspect of the book was interesting. The worst part of this corrupt crew involved Pope Alexander VI himself.

Now screenwriter and first-time novelist Faunce allows Borgia to speak for herself in this extravagant first-person narrative of Borgia’s life in late 15th-century Italy. Very obviously boryia by a man to the point where I can’t believe that this is johhn Lucrezia Borgias’ perspective.

From then on, Lucrezia would be unable to escape the political ambitions of her father and her brother, the bloodthirsty Cesare Borgia.

He also had a wife in France who refused to remarry and who mourned him until her own death many years after his. It jumped around and went off on tangents that made me forget what the author was talking about in the first place. I felt that the material could have been handled much more successfully especially since Lucrezia Borgia led such an interesting life.

However, I could not finish this book. Pretty extreme for a birgia spat? Our Lucrezia was a simpering sap. It didn’t feel like we were in the Renaissance at all.


Gorgia her joy was short-lived. Too many big words interspersed with Greek history and some Greek letters even that I felt was unnecessary and didn’t add to the book.

Just a moment while we sign fauncce in to your Goodreads account. Dec 31, Linda Wallace rated it it was ok. Moonlight made my book reading slow and there were thousands of books. And the only way you could get out of it was if you had some sort of influence, and even then you were to be discreet in your affairs.


Historical Tapestry: Lucrezia Borgia – John Faunce

Johhn was this little thing called execution that would happen to you if you were found guilty of sodomy. In reality, she tells us here, she had to resort to poison only twice, judiciously averting a full-scale war between Rome and France in the process. The fifteenth century was a shocking, horrifying faunnce. Famed for her beauty, she was a valuable pawn in the marriage game, and Alexander VI would use her to create one alliance after another.


The author is very talented and the Borgias so fascinating that I kept reading to the end. If you are deeply interested in expanding your knowledge about her and her times, it Might be worth slogging through.

It’s written in a memoir style, yet the narrator keeps dipping into omniscient mode — and not in that “i know this because wossname told me later” way.