Louis Riel: A Comic-Strip Biography [Chester Brown] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A limited-edition reprint of Brown’s celebrated. LOUIS RIEL: A Comic-Strip Biography. Chester Brown, Author. Drawn and Quarterly $ (p) ISBN Chester Brown reinvents the comic book medium to create the critically acclaimed historical biography Louis Riel, winning the Harvey Awards for best writing.

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Also, Scott’s mental state is not really discussed, but seems to me that he was mentally disturbed, which led to his execution, which led to the life-long arrest warrant for Riel and his ultimate execution. The first Vortex comic-sttip of Yummy Fur sold well, and Brown quit his day job and began working full-time as a cartoonist. It certainly is not an academic read on Louis Riel; moreover it’s not childsplay riwl.

Sources aren’t cited very well and as this takes place in the world of Canadian espionage and political backhanding, it’s very important to use good sources.

Louis Riel: A Comic-Strip Biography

In this book, we are exposed to a version of the settlement of western Canada and the treatment of Canada’s First Nations and Metis people that you won’t read in history books written by acacemics of middle class European descent. It’s a heavy narrative and probably-important topic to French Canadians.

These pamphlets attracted attention in comic book industry publications, and in the Toronto-based comic book publisher Vortex Comics approached Brown. In the original serialization, as the series progressed the influence of Harold Gray became stronger. A lot of people who study Riel roll their ey I love the tale of Louis Riel.

During his exile he goes crazy has a vision and begins to go by another name and claim he is a prophet.


University of Ottawa Press. University of Toronto Quarterly. Macdonald —91 was the first Prime Minister of Canadain office —73, and again — This is a brilliant re-telling of the metis uprising led by Louis Riel against the Hudson’s Bay Company and fiel British Empire, as laid out in graphic novel form. The story is well paced and flows well.

Louis Riel: A Comic-strip Biography

In other instances, Brown noted where he paid special care to historical details: Representing and Reliving the Louuis. Of course, a historian could argue that they would find something else to hold over Riel eventually. The Canadian army arrives, ostensibly to keep the peace. Macdonald has returned to the prime ministership and conspires with George Stephenpresident of the financially burdened Canadian Pacific Railwayto use the situation to gain support for finishing the railway.

Brown compensates for this somewhat biograpby the extensive notes at the end of the comic book, where he goes so far as to admit that he made John A. A great recounting of the early history and rebellion of the Metis and Canada’s machinations to annex their lands — my favourite comkc-strip expose evil and this does it well.

CM Magazine: Louis Riel: A Comic-Strip Biography.

Property and Prosperity Through the Ages by Tom Bethellwhich led him change his own politics to favour libertarianism. During his exile, he has a visionary experience on a hilltop in Washington, D. In the appendix, however, Brown discloses that he does not see Macdonald as the villain he has portrayed in biorgaphy book.

Brown found “Prophet of the New World” particularly intriguing as it dealt with Riel’s religious ideas while reevaluating his alleged diagnosis of mental illness, [13] two topics Brown had especial interest in, as he had previously made hiography adaptations of the Gospeland comics dealing with his mother’s schizophrenia.

Louis Riel: A Comic-Strip Biography by Chester Brown

Not sure it’s a good idea to take such liberties with important historical figures i. Brown grew up in the Canadian province of Quebecwhere the majority speaks French, and where Riel is often considered a martyr. We could solve them easily,” he says. Printed on yellowish paper, [45] each page conforms strictly to a rhythmic six-panel grid, [46] in contrast to the free placement of panels that characterized Brown’s autobiographical period.


Return to Book Page. Part four begins with Riel’s trial, at which he was found guilty of high treason, and ends with his death by hanging. There’s quite a comedic scene with one of the racist prisoners shouting expletives you just see “XXX” in the caption baloon and coupled with his blank face and cavernous mouth it made me laugh.

We know what our problems are.

Apr 29, Blue rated it it was amazing Shelves: Do you know another book that’d look really nice up there Brown retells the history of Louis Riel using his unique drawing skills. InDrawn and Quarterly first began offering comics in e-book format, prompted in part by Brown.

The lengthy, hand-lettered appendix provides insight into Brown’s creative process and biases and highlights where he changed historical facts to create a more engaging story, such as incorporating a conspiracy theory not widely accepted by historians.

Any other reproduction is prohibited without permission. As an example, Brown shows a scene in which historical figure Thomas Scott and several others beat a Canadian aboriginal named Parisien. Being a graphic novel it does have obvious trade offs between completeness and artistic license. Researching Riel had a significant impact on Brown’s thinking.