Linguistic Imperialism has 59 ratings and 2 reviews. Joel said: This is an important book, even if it’s now a bit outdated (and a little conspiracy theor. Linguistic Imperialism. Robert Phillipson. Oxford Applied Linguistics. This book explores the contemporary phenomenon of English as an. Phillipson’s Linguistic Imperialism has provoked a number of criticisms. The author, Robert Phillipson, argued that the global teaching of.

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Topics Tefl Learning English. The Missing Linkhammers home this message. In both countries there are unmet English language needs for children and adults. Confrontational and ahead of its time, a splinter in the eye of most native and anglophile English language teaching professionals, an eye-opener to others. Oxford Applied Linguistics 1 – 10 of 47 books. It liinguistic true that there is a massive demand for English worldwide, to which many factors, from trade and tourism to regional integration, contribute.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. In the Roman EmpireLatin —originally the language of a limited region in central Italy—was imposed first on the rest of Italy and later on large parts of Europe, largely displacing previous languages spoken there, while in Roman Africa Latin was merely dominant until it and the native languages were displaced by Arabization.

Regarding Phillipson, Bisong maintains that “to interpret such actions as emanating from people who are victims of Centre linguistic imperialism is to bend sociolinguistic evidence to suit a preconceived thesis”. Latin Suffixal Derivatives in English D. Choose your country or region Close. Signs should be in both English and the local indigenous language. The colonial linguistic inheritance. Phillipson defines English linguistic imperialism as “the dominance of English By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


This underlies expansion efforts in India and China, where it has had very mixed success, except perhaps in commercial terms.

Phonological Typology Matthew K. Furthermore, the assumption that the English language itself is imperialistic has come linguistif attack. July Learn how and when to remove this template message. As a response to English linguistic imperialism, de-anglicisation became a matter of national pride in some places and especially in regions that were once under colonial rule, where vestiges of colonial domination are a sensitive subject.

Linguistic Imperialism

The indigenous Anatolian languages disappeared. This book looks at the spread of English historically, at the role it plays in Third World countries, and imperislism the ideologies transmitted through the English language.

There is scholarly evidence, for instance from Spain, that primary English is not an unmitigated success story: Other books in the series.

This book explores the contemporary phenomenon of English as an international language, and sets out to analyse how and why the language has become so dominant. The Uprising became a turning point in the overthrow linguisric Apartheid years later.

Linguistic Imperialism – Robert Phillipson – Google Books

In contrast, it has been argued that those who see the increasing spread of English in the world as a worrying development that marginalizes the status of local and regional languages as well as potentially undermining or eroding cultural values are likely to be far more receptive to Phillipson’s views. At various times, especially in colonial roberr or where a dominant culture has sought to unify a region under its control, a similar phenomenon has arisen.

Rajagopalan goes a step farther and maintains that Phillipson’s book has led to a guilt complex among English language learning and teaching ELT professionals.


Following the establishment of the Holy Roman Empire over much of present-day Germany and Central Europethe German language and linguisfic dialects became the preferred language of many Central-European nobility.

A few things that aren’t mentioned: Eva Lucia rated it liked it Jul 14, Dave Hazzan rated it really liked it Feb 22, Arguments in linguistic imperialist discourse Types of argument and types of power English-intrinsic arguments English-extrinsic arguments English-functional arguments The means used to exert linguistic power Arguments in language planning for Namibia Notes A few things that This is an important book, even if it’s now a bit outdated and a little conspiracy theory-ish.

Marta rated it really liked it Dec 10, Holborrow points out that “not all Englishes in the centre dominate, nor are all speakers in the periphery lnguistic discriminated against”. Unesco has stressed the significance of the mother tongue for over 50 years.

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Linguistic imperialism alive and kicking | Education | The Guardian

Loading comments… Trouble loading? Davies also argues that Phillipson’s byy are not falsifiable: There are examples in the 17 February issue of Learning English: Arabic Historical Dialectology Clive Holes. English, the dominant language English in core English-speaking countries English in periphery-English countries Language promotion Opposition to the dominance of English Notes 3: For Davies, two cultures inhabit linguistic imperialism: Worth reading, but don’t let it get you down if you’re an ESL teacher.

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