Leptadenia pyrotechnica is a shrub found in desert areas belonging to the family Asclepiadaceae. It is an important medicinal plant and all. Leptadenia pyrotechnica in the Botanic Library. Desert Vegetation of Israel and Sinai ยท Desert Vegetation of Israel and Sinai. Leptadenia pyrotechnica (Hindi: [khai) is the botanical name of a desert herb of the Being highly brought-resistant, leptadenia pyrotechnica has played an.

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Young branches are used to make ropes along with Crotalaria burhia in Nara desert Bhatti et al. Ethnobotany of Rohri Hill, Sindh, Pakistan. Wound healing activity of Lepradenia. Stems, with a mature seedpod Photograph by: Watery juice of this plant is used against ringworm.

Pyrotechnica to counter the four fungi viz. This species holds variety of bioactive constituents that trigger healing properties. Fabry W, Okemo P.

Recently, it is also cultivated in leptqdenia, farms and on the roadsides Khasawneh et al. In vitro callus induction protocol for Leptadenia pyrotechnica using various explants.

Leptadenia pyrotechnica

Rekha K Kumar, Singh M. By using this plant, certain pyrotdchnica reagents can be prepared by further working. The khip plant also used to make handmade paper and for making boards Kundu et al.


Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Technische Zusammenarbeit; For this purpose, five day old hypocotyl of seedling was chosen. The callus formation was performed by using plant hormones i. The extract showed anticancer activity against MCF-7 human breast cancer cell leptqdenia.

Leptadenia pyrotechnica – Wikipedia

They prepared ethanolic extract by taking root and aerial parts powder further into petroleum ether and ethanol. Plant part Uses References 1. Antibacterial activity of East African Medicinal Plants. Now containing plants. They checked the antimicrobial activity in vitro against Staphylococcus aureus, Bacillus subtilis, Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Micrococcus flavus by using agar diffusion and DPPH methods.

Pharmacology Antifungal Pytotechnica Rekha et al. It was the new addition in the leptaddenia triterpenoid that was named as 3-glycol-oleanolic acid or Pyrotechnoic acid. Flowering plant Photograph by: Blooming and fruiting time is August to January Verma et al.

Evaluation of antdiabetic activity of whole plant of Leptadenia pyrotechnica Forssk. A triterpenoid from Lepetadeniapyrotechnica. Ethnomedicinal plants used by the tribals in Bhiloda taluka of Sabarkantha district, Gujarat.

Qualitative and quantitative phytochemical screening from root and aerial parts of L. Introduction The history of medicinal pant is parallel to the human beings.


Antioxidant, antimicrobial and cytotoxic activities of selected medicinal plants from Yemen. Effects of the Ethanolic Extract of aerials of Leptadenia pyrotechnica Forsk.


In the Kingdom of Bahrain. It is leafless, erect and evergreen shrub commonly known as Khimp, Kheep or Khip Qureshi et al.

Plant fiber Used as expectorant and antihistaminic Al-Yahiya. Traditional Complementary and Alternative Medicines. Published online Jul 3. Pyrotechnoic acid Ali et al. Almost all plant parts are used in the traditional medicinal system to treat various disorders. The role of L. The primary metabolites are given in Table 2. Alkaloids from aerial parts and alcoholic extracts were used in For this purpose the powdered leaf and shoot were used.

The present review regarding Leptadenia pyrotechnica Forssk. Its stem is diuretic and used for the removal of kidney stones. Leaves and shoots Used for fever, hepatitis, constipation and obesity Ahmad et al.