Buy Army Armored Humvee – Battle Brick Custom Set: Building Sets Printed step-by-step instructions; Hand Sorted Custom Set with pieces . This set contains custom items and Genuine LEGO® elements that have been repackaged. Buy Battle Brick Army Armored Humvee Custom Set: Action Figures 5 doors and roof mounted machine gun; Printed step-by-step instructions . This set contains custom items and Genuine LEGO® elements that have been repackaged. Lego Humvee: I made a Lego Humvee that can accommodate up to 4 passengers and 1 gunner. Here is the the web site URL for the instructions, enjoy!.

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This is a photograph, not a video. This is one of those things we can choose to be offended by or not — and either POV is fine, so long as you respect those who feel differently. Controversy aside, I’m glad they’re getting attention.

It plays into too many oego our prejudices. With that said, I think where I come down is in full support of both blogging such a fantastic build, and the editorial disclaimer that comes with it.

I understand it was meant to be lighthearted, but this really is indicative of a greater problem, namely the association of Muslims with terrorism and vice versa. If, as others have said, it was obvious that the fig was an armed soldier, that would help. I think Catsy and Bunbrick really instrctions this well: It is also a cop-out: Regardless of how one feels about terrorism, asymmetrical warfare or the current conflicts, no one should act surprised that this image provokes a strong reaction.


BTW, awesome design and great instructions.

Humvee Instructions Part 1: A LEGO® creation by Ben Romeo :

Nobody is saying terrorists feel bad about people not liking them. Yeah, I know that sounds all stupidly Picard of me, but I mean it. LEGO is art, and art is full of politics and social commentary.

The Ranger of Awesomeness: How do you know this exactly? Assuming that this photo has nothing to do with military action in Iraq and Afghanistan would be ignoring the context. You might inatructions like it. Bad guys wear black hats.

They look like everyone else until they go boom. I figured it was a device, but I take issue ibstructions the intent of that device.

This is what racism is like for those on the receiving end, phrased in a way to reach the largest group of readers on this blog. Diverse viewpoints are a humfee thing. Maybe we should all agree to only include blank, gray, accessory-less minifigs in all future MOCs so that no one mistakes our intentions.

Neither is close to the truth. Yet it might not be very nice to view for the kids who also watch this blog. I know that the REAL story here is that this Humvee was in need of assistance and a friendly ninja came to help, but there was a terrible accident. The act of creation has inztructions both for the creator and the audience; the act of publicizing said creation has further consequences.

There are still soldiers deep in the suck right now and horrible things like this actually do occur—and whether you like it or not, the issue of war crimes in the ongoing conflicts is a very real one. I think the opinions and outrage are more indicative of persons own bias and predjudices instructons that of the creator of this MOC.


These consequences are not necessarily bad, but they do exist. You kego love it. If every time you saw Uncle-Sam he was under a Humvee, being killed, never winning, and always insturctions bad guy.

Any resemblance to the Abu Ghraib photos was intended as an off-color, satirical joke.

However, I do feel plenty bothered by the ignorance it has already brought out both here and on Flickr. I don’t humvee it’s worth getting upset over, but okay. If he had an RPG or something and the soldiers were mounted up, I think I would have just passed over it as a battle scene.

I thought the ninja mechanic was fixing the axle and the soldier is calling for help because the jack collapsed. The person being labelled or the person who labels.

HUMVEE Instructions

With class, humvvee than getting all resentful toward people like me who get our PC knickers in a twist. The primary issue I have with the image is its context. Further, assuming that the figure in a LEGO ninja headpiece is a terrorist or a combatant does not make someone a racist — it is one of two interpretive possibilities.