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Anyway, I’m rambling on, and I don’t mean to. Hadrian describes his excess of emotion meditatively – without excess.

Memorie di Adriano by Marguerite Yourcenar (4 star ratings)

Or do you have a responsibility to put the margueritw face you can on it, to present it as the maker would have ideally wanted it to be seen? Sep 15, mark monday rated it it was amazing Shelves: Happy New Year, Dolors!

It’s got what I think is one of the most unique and memorable literary love stories. I know I’ve failed to explain why I’m giving this book five stars but it’s like trying to explain why cake is delicious, or what it feels like to win a prize. It’s got what I think is one of the most unique and memorable literary love stories. You can tell this novel has really been polished and honed, worked on over and over again.

I myself am fairly ignorant of the classical world, and what adrinao I’ve got tends to be for Greece. I don’t think “right” is the best way to approach the question.

View all 30 comments. I strive to retrace my life to find in it some plan, following a vein of lead, menorie of gold, or the course of some subterranean stream, but such devices are only tricks of perspective in my memory.

It is a series of musings, reflections, philosophizing and making comment as Hadrian works through his life.

It’s philosophical, tender, margyerite This was not an easy review to compose, as I feel that looking at isolated bricks detracts one from seeing the monumental edifice built through the efforts of a single man a case of not seeing the forest because you are too close to the trees. It’s a long way from being the most important fact about the book.


She was acutely aware of all the pitfalls involved, and used her considerable skills to efface herself from the process; “she did not want to breathe on the mirror”. It is shocking for me to read this especially knowing what happens in the following two millenniums.

I believe Yourcenay may have seen this as a goal. Published by Einaudi first published The first could be still aplied today in regard to the future trades and stock market speculators in basic goods, like food and fuel: With a lucid mind, full of wisdom and knowledgeable of the desires of human beings of all social conditions; he regrets, old and sick, of the contradiction between his body and his mind.

I would not recommend this to people who find that everything about the Roman Empire leaves them cold; for everyone else, though, I’d say give it a shot. To ask other readers questions about Memorie di Adriano; seguite dai Taccuini di appuntiplease sign up. Why read, and for that matter, why write a book about a long-ago Emperor?

Athens will be more of a yourcebar to him than Rome, and he will invest both money and energy in revitalising the city. The self-analysis accomplished by Hadrian is occasionally truly inspiring, especially in the first chapter of the book, and plausibly yourcennar in the context of second-century Rome. A terrific historical novel, one of the best if not the greatest ever written.

Hadrian is in his final illness and is looking back over his life. Rome would be perpetuated herself in the least of the towns where magistrates strive to demand just weight from the merchants, to clean and light the streets, to combat disorder, slackness, superstition and injustice, and to give broader and fairer interpretation to the laws. The statue of Hadrian, the 14th Emperor of the Roman Empire, was brought alive by the French author Marguerite Yourcenar in this novel.


Il suo L’imperatore Adriano ha 62 anni e, sentendo avvicinarsi la morte, scrive una lunga lettera al giovane Marco Aurelio per raccontargli la propria vita. Peace will again establish itself between two periods of war; the words humanity, li Life is atrocious, we know.

Marguerite Yourcenar

Peace will again establish itself between two periods of war; the words humanitylibertyand justice will here and there regain the meaning which we have tried to give them. I just read your review and I can relate to your reading experience. The novel took more than twenty years to write and the quality shows in every line, every phrase. View all 6 comments. Jan 20, Lulu rated it it madguerite ok. Thus nemorie each art practiced in its time I derive a knowledge which compensates me in part for pleasures lost.

The relationship, like everything else in the book, is presented entirely within the context of Hadrian’s own culture, and I was able to accept it as such. There is a word that keeps popping up in my reading. I was talking last weekend to this somewhat patrician gentleman I use the term “gentleman” loosely about this book, and he told me that they read this as undergraduates at Harvard, where according to him many readers suffer from the opposite problem.

Memoirs of Hadrian

Her hope was that Churchill could become the same kind of leader as the humane Hadrian was and bring peace to the world. The final result, the memoirs Hadrian might have composed on his deathbed but never did, represents the distilled essence of this process, and it is unique in my experience.

This utterly pales in comparison to the towering works of the genre like “I, Claudius”.