Getting an Image on the Screen. Last Updated 3/18/ Now that you’ve. Install SDL 2 for Linux command line. Setting up SDL 2 on g++. Last Updated 6/21/ 1)Go download the source for. Render text with TTF fonts in SDL 2.

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Here we’ll be taking what we learned about render and handling input to make a dot move around the screen.

Lesson 10 Color Keying. For my tutorials, you must have a decent handle on the following concepts: My goal is to knock them all out by the end of the year. Submit a new text post. Lesson 20 Force Feedback.

It also has offical tutorials here: These two buffers are the front and back buffer. By the end of these tutorials, you’ll know the basics to make your first real video game!

Welcome to LearnProgramming!

From what I learned alzy my business law course, copyright law is sticky to say the least. When I finally have time again, I’ll be happy that you did.

That’s something I just don’t have time for right now. Lesson 34 Audio Recording. What do you mean by this? If I do allow people to translate my tutorials who has rights to those translated tutorials is a complete mess.


Here is where we actually create the text texture we’re going to render from the font.

Finally, the bug backlog is clear. I no longer make games just for fun, but to keep my head above water in an industry that’s super competitive. Does that mean if you don’t reply to my e-mail immediately I should spam you on there? There are those out there that try to help out by reporting bugs on the site. Atomic operations are another way to synchronize threads. This means less bandwidth use.

Imagine you had a game with a brick wall that consisted of the same brick image being rendered multiple times like Super Mario Bros. Yes, under 3 conditions. If people can’t learn from my tutorials, honestly what good are they? After the text texture is created, we can render with it just like any other texture.

Oh and if you see that your bug hasn’t been fixed yet, sorry that it got buried in the mass of e-mail I get. Here we’ll lazzy redoing the previous tutorial with atomic counters.


What blitting does is take a source surface and stamps a copy of it onto the destination surface.

Lazy Foo’ Productions – True Type Fonts

Lesson 16 True Type Fonts. Will you be making 3D tutorials? Lesson 28 Per-pixel Collision Detection. It’s better for people to skim through the FAQs before e-mailing me so we both don’t waste time. This can only mean people don’t read the contact page and just fish for an e-mail.

It’s just more hits for me. A key difference is that we have macros that we insert into the command which makes things like adding new files to the project must easier since you only have to change the macro as opposed to changing the whole command.

To make a decent 3D tutorial set, I would have to triple the size of the current tutorial set.