A passionate, emotional, action-packed story set against the violent and volatile backdrop of 14th-century Scotland. When her family is wiped out by Clan. Set against the turbulent backdrop of fourteenth-century Scotland, ‘Lady of the Knight’ tells the breathtaking tale of a brave lass left on her own and surrounded. LibraryThing Review. User Review – Pebblesgmc – LibraryThing. Lady Of The Knight by Jackie Ivie pages When Morganna “Morgan” KilCreggar was four.

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One of my most favored books!

Still with that being done he is still in love with his squire who he has no idea is a woman. The revelation was bit disappointed, I had expected it differently. No trivia or quizzes yet. Aristotle FitzHugh aka Ari. I knew Jackie Ivie was a good writer but this book is at a totally different level.

Tall, fit, and a weapons expert with formida I can’t remember anymore why I put this one in the TBR pile. Yes, he wasn’t willing to admit it to anyone else, he wasn’t happy about it, and he wanted her to kill him rather than allow him to act on it, but he loved Morgan.

Detailed Review Summary of Lady of the Knight by Jackie Ivie

The men of the family are away from homea clan war beings and ends six years later when all the men of the clan are killed in battle. I always have trouble believing they can be fooled about the girl’s sex as they live together but I usually suspend my disbelief.

Obvi by the four star review but honestly I haven’t dipped my toes in a true Scotland laird filled romance in a while and ooo what a way to dive back in! The characters jump right off the page, the settings are breathtaking and the secondary characters are fantastic.

The truth is that it started rather well. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Of course, his squire is actually a woman, so that prevents him from genuinely breaking the cultural norms of his time and people. Ivie will make you believe that love can overcome any obstacle A good book, and the first half was very strong, but after the reveal of Morganna as a woman rather than a squire, I felt it lost some of its edge.


Lady of the Knight Book Summary and Study Guide

Other books in the series. In trying to go for a dramatic, dark flair, the author left plenty of holes and flaws in her writing or did she think the problems would be overlooked? Become a LibraryThing Author. Jackiee was happy that at first Morgan was all “the hell you say?!

Now, in the battle between vengeance and passion, the more powerful will emerge victorious, bringing together two hearts, two clans, two soul Coincidence it works out ivis her favor because she is after him at first but learns its his laird shes after. Best of all, while the hero is crying his undying love to “Morgan”, she never reciprocates-never, never, never, never!!!

She”ll be easier to catch. This is an absolute keeper for your romance collection. I am so happy to have this ecopy for my library, besides the “faithful” and not too tattered paperback one that I still have after all these years!

Unfortunately he never finds out she’s a woman, she has to tell him, but first she dresses as a woman. Author Jackie Ivie did a wonderful job with entwining sensuality, treachery, romance and the need for revenge. So she does not fight him and waits patiently for the kill. Oct 06, Beth rated it it was amazing. They are forced to raid nkight bodies on the battlefield for anything of value that will help them to survive A battlefield thief, a young woman dressed as a boy, arises and become a national hero.

Morganna was the first kickass heroine I read and the first “lady disguised as a male” storyline tge grab my fancy! Liked the trope but i felt like the big secret of the heroine being a girl not a “lad” was dragged on too long and the big reveal wasn’t done in the best way. Morgan feels a sense of burden to avenge her clan. Great story about love overcoming revenge and families reuniting. Her characters take life and flow right off the page, captivating her audience and leaving knught asking for more of her excellent work.


I remember loving it. After this he totally insults her by paying her with an expensive thank you gift, which makes poor Morgan believe that losing her virginity to Zander wasn’t so much an event full of love, trust and understanding as much as it was her stamping on her own pride and jeopardising her life long goals to whore herself out for the direct benefit of others. An amusing tale about what happens when a girl pretends to be a boy and becomes a squire.

They try to convince her to tell him the truth to put him out of his misery but she is stubborn. The screams faded by midday, leaving the groans of the dying.

I enjoyed this book a lot and found a lot of the scenes really funny.

Tall and lean, she disguises herself as a lad–and hones her skills with deadly weapons. I am so happy to have this ecopy for my library, besides the “faithful” and not too tattered paperback one that I still have after all One of my most favored books! A time of wars between clans and during a time when Scotland invaded by the Sassenach Englishman.

Lady of the Knight by Jackie Ivie – FictionDB

Yes, he fought it. The men of the family are away from homea clan war beings and ends six years later when all the men of the clan are killed in battle.

Meanwhile, Zander is horrified by his growing attraction to the young squire. Firstly, the language was a little hard to get used to jackiw this book.

However, I recommend you read this book She defeats the best Englishman in a competition that shows her talent. I can’t even do It’s so bad to the point zander goes into repent asking a priest for forgiveness. Project Gutenberg 0 editions. She has a talent that will best the best of any man.