In Lady of Desire, Gaelen Foley has created a tortured, mature, and completely three-dimensional hero (and mega-sexy, to boot) and paired. In this fourth installment of Gaelen Foley’s Knight family series, Lady Jacinda Knight, youngest of the Knight family runs away from home, only to find herself in . Lady Jacinda Knight ran away from home to avoid a loveless marriage to an old With Lady of Desire, Gaelen Foley has racked up another solid story in the.

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She sees past the scandal and remembers the woman.

Do the previous three lead up to this one in any way? Don’t miss this one.

Lady of Desire Book Summary and Study Guide

His gaze flicked up from her chest to her blazing goley. European Historical Romance Review Tags: The Murder at Mandeville Hall. Quotes from Lady of Desire.

And when Lizzie was heartbroken over Alec, he comforted her, and even chided Alec, od because Billy is just a really, really, decent guy. My next one is “One Night of Sin” which is 6. Sign up for LibraryThing to find out whether you’ll like this book.

If I’ve broken any site rules, or whatever, please let me know. Seriously though wish this series never ended or I had more than 1 book left from this to read.

Dispatched from the UK in 2 business days When will my order arrive? Apr 25, Pages Buy. Gaelen Foley just seems to be one of those authors that even when her work isn’t quite spot-on for me, it is still infinitely readable and better than some other authors on their very best days.

Lady of Desire – Book Review – The Hope Chest Reviews

What no one except Jacinda’s brother, Lucien, knows though, is that Billy is the long lost ladyy of a nobleman, who ran away from his sadistic lday abuse at the tender age of thirteen.

By the way, this series is best read in order. I loved his flirtatious, sweet, gentle, caring, loyal, chivalrous, giving, tender, yet slightly wicked ways, and his past suffering and wounded, boyish vulnerability made me want to throw my gaepen around him, squeeze tight in fierce protectiveness, and just never let go. He already had the tear jerking backstory. There were just so many things going on in the story that I thought the plot itself in many ways overshadowed the relationship development.


Because Billy has cesire in his past at the hands of his cruel father, he is a huge bout of insecurities, believing himself in some deep part to be worthless and unlovable. His personal crusade for social justice seemed pointless, as he only really paid lip-service to it after acknowledging his true identity.

A handsome scoundrel running from a secret past, Billy Blade has never met a woman like Jacinda — her fiery innocence and blossoming sensuality set his rebel’s heart ablaze. This led me to Gaelen Foley’s Lady of Desire despite my author trepidation deside far I’ve read 3 Foley romances – one of which I loved to bits, one of which I was meh on, and one which I loathed with a passion.

His father is a Marquis,and his mother lives in the land of escape.

Meanwhile, Billy becomes reckless in his petty crimes and ends up being caught. They still want to jump each other’s bones, but can’t due to their societal duties. I think this was because Billy was an extremely intense alpha who rarely allowed himself to be vulnerable. This entry in The Knight series is one of the most fun.

The problem is, Jacinda desires her freedom above all else and in an attempt to gain it has hatched a scheme to earn the attentions of an elderly gentleman in hopes that he will marry her and then quickly leave her a widow. In this story she takes us to the tenements and rookeries of London after the Battle of Waterloo. Yet she was eager to gain a marriage proposal from another man she didn’t love and who was more than three times her age.

This isn’t really a discussion topic, per se, more of a plain comment, but I couldn’t see where else to put it. Lady of Desire tie 3. Billy Blade is much more a complex character than a first glance would assume. And don’t get me started on this girl’s stubborn “I want to be free” campaign by trying to bag a stuffy year old ailing cranky Earl through a good damn majority of the story.


Once Upon a Maiden Lane. But that all seemed to disappear after she was forced to return to her family. Unfortunately, Billy and his gang is pinched and end up in gaol.

The love scenes were Hot and beautifully written. The robbed that smiles steals something from the thief. Galen Foley is far, far better than this book might indicate. The character I liked more in the book is the hero, Billy. The chosen man was his friend who was a widower with a young son.

Yet she was eager to gain a marriage proposal from another man she didn’t love and who was more than three times her age. With no contact at all with any of his family and with no resources to call upon save his wits and his will to survive, Billy finds salvation in the passing years both in his gang and in his success as a master thief. But in reality he is a runaway abused boy, who is an Earl. Jacinda gives chase and ends up in hiding while a gang war occurs in a rundown part of London.

I thought the hero, Billy, was sweet, yet he had killed and assaulted many people during his time on the mean streets of St Giles. When the Marquess Falls. At times it felt like a historical novel with romance in it rather than just a romance, but readers who have a preference for that sort of thing should really enjoy this book.

Read it Forward Read it first. Nov 09, Heidi rated it really liked it Shelves: May contain moderately descriptive love scenes, usually no more than three.