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As the subject of enunciation Mujica opts for: The government myth underlying the political communication program. Moreover, his rhetorical style which asserts a connection to history, positions him within the oratorical traditions of Uruguayans. Bothschools of thoughtgive importance to language in use and language as action.

Explaining how his discourse reflects or is inspired by Uruguayan culture and national history. And however, we continue to be on orecvhioni same team. According to Riorda We Tupamaros have differences, even amongst the Old Guard. Rural upheavals took place as early as and paved the way towards a longstanding divide between the city and the countryside.

File:Esquema de comunicacion segun Kerbrat-Orecchioni.jpg

Sheinvalidates the theory of a universal code shared by all speakers, claiming that it ignores the natural phenomena and variations within linguistic exchanges Kerbrat-Orecchioni He addresses a young political force that needs to become organized. According to this author, the discourse of insurgency shows contemporary insurgents identifying with enuncixcion insurgencies explicitly.

Thereby, ethos forms an intrinsic part of the image that Mujica creates of himself and of hisaddressees through enunciation. He was defeated in the presidential elections by Colorado Party leader Juan Maria Bordaberry in a poll allegedly dominated by fraud, corruption and blackmail kergrat his person.

A chronology of historical events was prepared and matched against his climb up the political ladder.

On June 16 th upon his return from exile he was arrested by the military who took him to the Trinity jail where he was held captive throughout the presidential elections. The analytical model applied falls within Enunciation Theory Kerbrat-Orecchioni Mujicacreated a narrative that shaped his public image over time, whileinterpreting Uruguayan society differently than his predecessors.


The same applies to verbs and adverbs, which also connote subjectivity. An orecchioji discourse in which he tries to erase his subjective traces, and 2. In her book Enunciation: The discursive strategies Mujicausesare as follows: Subjectivity is central to the analysis of enunciation.

In other words, deictic markers require contextual information to convey meaning. The para-destinatary or positive destinatary, who is the partisan; 2.

La subjetividad en el discurso político del presidente Mujica: la construcción de su relato

Secondly, Mujica utilized symbolic language to create bonds of trust and his rhetoric worked as an instrument of social interaction. This presentation of self through the ethos builds the trust required to establish the connection between speaker and audience. He shows the convictions of an old fighter who has just left jail and wishes to return to public life. From apantheistic perception and invariant nucleus of values, Mujica manages to install a worldview and paradigm for interpreting reality in his listeners, whether they are old militant comrades, comrades from the Uruguayan Left, Uruguayan citizens or economic groups with present or future interests in the country.

Schematically, starting from the invariant nucleus, the successive stages he followedserved to conciliate and persuade a few and to confront other adversaries.

La enunciación: de la subjetividad en el lenguaje – Catherine Kerbrat-Orecchioni – Google Books

As an illustration, the first speech corresponds to a milestone that is of historic political relevance. Ittakes into account parameters oftheverbal interaction and the competencies required of speakers to achieve communication. We come from nature and are nature. His first discourse contains his philosophical stance on life and a reflection on his years in prison: The fourth speech D4, is a domestic institutionalization strategy upon assuming the orecvhioni of Uruguay.

Given the scarcity of revolutionary narratives and literature that provide firsthand accounts of Tupamaro history, secondary sources were consulted Moreover, political discourse simultaneously constructs three destinataries, and its functions necessarily reinforce, polemicize and persuade so as to obtain a response from its pro-destinataries, contra-destinataries and para-destinataries, respectively. In his search for consensus, he demonstrated a deep understanding of their particular interests and created diverse communication models for each audience, while adjusting to that understanding.


He lost the opportunity to participate in the presidential race and was freed on November 30th. This milestone is critical in two ways: Una historia de los tupamaros: Worldview, strategy and unity: After us, many more will come.

The five speeches belong to each of these discursive strategiesused by Mujicato expand his domestic and foreign persuasive influence. Adverbs that convey subjectivity contain value judgments or degrees of adhesion or rejection of the speaker in relation to the contents of his utterances: Sinceenunciational activity leaves traces in utterances, discourse analysis seeks to identify the markers, expressions and traces that reflect the subjectivity of those who speak in a given context of enunciation.

Kergrat for being blanco I am not less of a Tupamaro, and since we belong to an organization that does not automate the minds of men, I have sufficient freedom to express our own personal way of thinking, which interprets that of so many other comrades, but not necessarily that of them all.

This partially explains the absence of original source documentation for this study Domestic Institutionalization Strategy D4, Thirdly, as a political leader, Mujica constructed a narrative based on liberaleconomic ideas upon which he set up a leftist social philosophy to build a future for his country. References Aldrighi, Clara Additionally, the state of the art of discourse analysis in Uruguay has elevated this interest, since research on political discourseis mainlystudied by disciplines such as history 1political science 2 and sociology.

The invariant nucleus of values of the political discourse. Mujica takes distance from his listeners when he differentiates himself from them. Subjectivity in the political language of president Mujica: In the same discourse Mujica says: