IKEAPEDIA – KVARTAL Triple curtain rail aluminum color (IKEA United States) – View Product Details – Download Assembly Instructions – Get. Vision: IKEA Kvartal triple track rail rod for sliding Panel Curtains (used like Here is me laughing at the instructions, which is pretty much just a. The problem with IKEA curtain systems is that you’re buying components in pieces, so you don’t get complete instructions. When you buy the.

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Tutorial: IKEA Kvartal Curtain System

I tried to place mine uniformly -ishevery five loops — that band of white filaments intended for installations using curtain rods gets in the way of consistent hook placement. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: They really should make their instructions more clear.

I had finally convinced my husband we needed these curtains in our living room. Hopefully it instrucions come in very handy shortly! It is nice to know that Inshructions could change them for a more seamless look in the future if I so desired. The corners meet up nicely! We used 4 at the top, and 3 at the bottom.


Just make sure to allow enough room on either side of your window have the track go past the window so that you can get the curtains off the window if you desire and have them stack.

KVARTAL Triple curtain rail aluminum color (IKEA United States) – IKEAPEDIA

Do you think it will work? Thanks so very kindly. This confused me the most — wondering where these go. Thanks for commenting and letting me know! I am going to attempt the panels on a huge sliding door. Next you need this piece. We were lucky we did not have to trim the rail at all. Instruxtions then marked another 0. What is the origin of that painting? Thanks insstructions the great instructions.

It was also grooved to aid in the gripping of the track. Installing Single Track Rail This is the hardware for the single track rail. This provides added stability for the rail.

Troubleshooting IKEA Kvartal Curtain Rods Install

Fortunately I had researched enough to know that the advice was instfuctions very good, but still had trouble figuring out how to make it work. Thanks for this post. I realize now that I need some additional parts, but knowing is half the battle!


This is simply to help you! Re the Step 7: We spaced them evenly on the I say give it a try! As what Kate from Retro Renovation needed to do with hers here. Any thoughts much appreciated and really appreciate the post. Just getting the cut straight from the start takes a little bit of patience. Here is the hardware that comes with the bars. How did you prevent them from sliding around once mounted into the ceiling?

Tutorial: IKEA Kvartal Curtain System

I was a little afraid or scared to install these window treatments next weekend, but your tutorial made me feel a lot better. First insert one of the brass knobs from one of the ceiling fixtures.

Thank instructiosn for all you can do for me…we love Ikea and hope tyo go there after we hear from you and get them up. I cannot imagine assemblying with just the paper instructions. The rails are a pain to cut with the miter box and saw.