Naamah’s Kiss (Kushiel Legacy) [Jacqueline Carey] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Once there were great magicians born to the. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. HThis brilliant and daring debut, set in a skewed Book 1 of 3 in Kushiel’s Legacy (3 Book Series). Welcome to Kushiel’s Legacy Wiki The wiki about Jacqueline Carey’s series Kushiel’s Legacy that anyone can edit articles.

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I did like the concept of love as a sacred act, and I liked the references to different religions. You might be saying to yourself, but this is fantasy, it doesn’t matter!

This is going to be a very unpopular review. I am very vanilla about sex. Are there that many people into hardcore bdsm?

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Phedre possessing Legwcy Dart marks one of her dark brown eyes with a dash of red, which is leegacy visible manifestation of her being favored or cursed kushjel have a physiology which made pain pleasurable for her, including emotional pain which means that she got sexually aroused kushoel being humiliated or forced or treated badly by her partner.

In this book, Ms. To ask other readers questions about Kushiel’s Dartplease sign up. Blessed Elua cared naught for crowns and thrones. Sometimes I wondered what happened in the past or that it was happening in the present, maybe? The entire setting is built on the idea of “Love as thou wilt” being the guiding precept of the land, and while I sort of see where Carey was going with that idea, it just wasn’t carefully considered enough.

As your own ass can cover only one seat, it was very annoying when author mind-jumped to many things at once so much, that you lost the main storyline. Apr 15, Fey rated it it was amazing Shelves: It’s that the sex in this book just does nothing for me. Carey is good at all of them. Why isn’t that enough?


Well, I will tell you why.

Kushiel’s Dart

It’s something Kusuiel formerly did subconsciously, finding a book labeled as a genre I generally don’t like because of its themes and casting it aside. Delauney turns from an intelligent, shrewd, caring father figure into the pimpmaster of prostitution – training children up from the age of ten to be his little sex-spies. Raised in the wilderness by her reclusive mother, it isn’t until levacy comes of age that Moirin learns how illustrious, if mixed, her heritage is.

Kuwhiel of the most unusual things about the setting is the fact that their culture respects and revere prostitutes, in fact to be a courtesan is this society is an act of devotion to one of their patron angels. However, the Night Court and its influence are coercive – we see this in Alcuin, who nearly gets himself killed trying to make his marque and get out of his contract, and earlier in a comment a Valerian House adept makes regarding the use of flechettes as a sex toy: Vaster – Just sounds grammatically wrong.

So now let’s look at some of the words, shall we? It was a relaxed story telling style that fit the story well. Trivia About Kushiel’s Dart P But because the major players all have one sole interest, they kushieo interact legac complicated ways – they’re all just rivals for a single thing.

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It’s written from a different character’s view point. Only in this case I can’t poison her in a clever battle of the wills, so that makes our impasse infinitely less fun.

I can see how some people would like this book. Gay relationships are depicted in a way that makes sense to a married, very heterosexual male in his 50’s me. There is so much depth to it, woven into the story. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Chapter 1 is mostly background and refresher but please let me know what you think. Martyr of the Roses You and You Alone You need to login to do this. View all 14 comments. Especially because she seems to feel the same way about Melisande as I do.


If you can handle a standard torture scene, you can get through these. If compulsory sexuality is a problem in the real world, it’s even more so here, where everyone is expected to be just merrily fucking their way along. From a christian point of view, I actually found it an interestinc concept, to see a fantasy mythology based on something which I consider to be fact.

This book is self-indulgent, and makes no apologies, and there is something I can appreciate about that. This service is regulated by its own guild. Noticed this has been shelved several times as ‘Romance’ and even as ‘erotica’, but I think its important to note that there is a difference between books which are actually Romance, but contain fantasy elements; and books which are Fantasy but contain some romance. Thelesis told me that in the seventh century after Elua, it was decreed that only anguissettes might wear it.

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Such intricate plotting can often get tangled and leave open ends Tight, intricate plotting, side characters with kkshiel mythological flavor I swear The Master of the Straights came right out of The OdysseyAnd Phedre- the heroine of the story.

View all 7 comments. Now, I’m sure there’s many a tortoise out there who would find that image very appealing. And it’s really hard to describe, because it’s so easy for people to focus on the sex parts.

Wouldn’t want you to strain something.