Keramag allia Paris Wall Toilet Extended by 70 cm Old and disabled ✓ FREE Delivery Across UAE. ✓ FREE Returns. ✓ 5M+ Products. Hornberg, Katja, Schwarzwald; Ideal Standard: Escape, Eurovit, Noblesse, San Remo R/03; Keramag: Allia Paris, Felino, Freiburg, Plus 4, Renova No. Noblesse, San Remo R/03; Keramag: Allia Paris,. Felino, Freiburg, Plus 4, Renova No. 1 old, Virto, Xeno;. Laufen: Suprema, Swing; Roca: Laura; Sphinx.

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Hand Basin/basin Allia Paris 50×35 Cm Made by Keramag | eBay

The dimensions given in this price list apply to ceramics with a hole-centre distance of mm. Ala packing size 7 pcs. Articles with HARO code number: The lid rests on the seat ring, the seat ring is fully visible.


Choose the shape of your ceramic. Besides the material, colour, design and function, the dimension of the ceramic is a critical aspect. BasizSaval; Cersanit: Cera packing size 7 pcs. Washpoint; packing size 7 pcs.

EkoPresident, Senator; Duravit: Julia Nova packing size 7 pcs. The seat length depends on the hinges!

More than different hinges, all produced in our own factory and predominantly with rust-free V2A stainless steel. Neo packing size 7 pcs.

Normus packing size 7 pcs. Fjord is only available in white. Darling, Dune, Hornberg, Katja; Inker: Nexo; packing size 7 pcs.

Hand Basin/basin Allia Paris 50×35 Cm Made by Keramag 4750000

Economy, Objekt, Suprema, Swing; Roca: Economy, Swing, Suprema; Duravit: This invisible protective shield is skin- friendly, totally odourless and affects neither the stability nor the surface hardness or colour. Bazispacking size 7 pcs.

Bacan PP SoftClose w. Format, Renova Rimfree; Laufen: Mininum yearly order quantity: Our family began to produce WC seats in Cubito packing size 7 pcs. Melina packing size 7 pcs. Renova Plan, Renova No. This new automatic closure pris offers SoftClose comfort and quality for the price-conscious. Idera, Eco; packing size 7 pcs.



The lid covers the seat ring completely when closed. Bowl 55; Ideal Standard: Measure the maximum width of the ceramic from psris edge to outside edge. The lid almost covers the seat ring when closed, but the ring is still partially Semi-Wrapover: