The Atlas of Tolkien’s Middle-earth is an essential guide to the geography of Middle-earth, from its founding in the Elder Days as recounted in The Silmar. Karen Wynn Fonstad’s THE ATLAS OF MIDDLE-EARTH is an essential volume that will enchant all Tolkien fans. Here is the definitive guide to. The Atlas of Middle-earth by Karen Wynn Fonstad is an atlas of various lands in Arda. It includes specific maps for The Silmarillion, The Lord of.

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It includes the Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, and the Silmarillion. Jul 23, Matt rated it fonstar it Shelves: Jun 09, Mission Blue rated it it was amazing.

The Atlas of Middle-Earth by Karen Wynn Fonstad

The Atlas of Middle-earth Dust wrapper, first edition. Ends with the War of the Ring. I might as well admit I visited Oxford, England, with my wife and visited the Eagle and Child pub and Tolkien’s grave.

Jan 31, Timothy Boyd rated it really liked it.

The Atlas of Middle Earth

Are you into Tolkien? View all 8 comments. Looking for beautiful books? Dust wrapper, first edition. Map books Publications by title. I also found that some of the different area designations on the map were hard to distinguish from one another, though this is probably due to a restriction set by the publisher than middel Wynn Fonstad’s choice. However, a number of these were corrected in the revised edition, as noted below.

Bag End, Doriathtimelines, battle-plans, maps out area by race, climate, language etc, and suggested pathways taken by the Fellowship of the Ring and the Company of Thorin Oakenshield. Feb 09, James M.


There are “thematic” maps that show “land forms” over time and climate and languages. It’s worth the money. The usage of early concepts of the The Book of Lost Tales Part One alongside the established canonare also arguably controversial. Jul 11, Hypatia rated it really liked it Shelves: This page was last modified on 11 Marchat Mar 04, Steven rated it really liked it.

Secondarily, these thoughts remind me how the relevance of a work of art can be judged by how many other works it inspired, after it is historicized. Retrieved from ” https: Plans and descriptions of castles, buildings, and distinctive landforms are given, along with thematic maps describing the climate, vegetation, languages, and population distribution of Middle-earth throughout its history.

The maps and information in this atlas add a lot of visual clarity to J. No surprise, but I loved this book. Highly, highly re I consider this book to be an indispensable companion, along with the maps and chronology at the beginning of David Day’s Tolkien: The geography, migrations, and battles that may be a bit confusing are detailed in this book along with topography and structure details.

Of course, the primary appeal is the maps, but muddle chronology earyh also helpful. Alan Lee Second edition. You can find online maps of the Third Age the time period of the Lord of the Rings but there are some significant geographical changes to the earth that takes place and it can be difficult to fully v If you decide to read the Silmarillion this book makes an excellent companion for visualizing the beginnings of Arda, the Years of the Trees, and the First Age.


But, for the most part, Well, there’s nothing BAD to say about this book, and the maps themselves look great, but there’s something less wonderful about it then I might have hoped.

The Atlas of Middle-Earth

By using kxren site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Also maps showing where “The Hobbit” is in relation to “Lord of the Rings.

The book was mifdle inbut in a revised and updated version was published, which took information from The History of Middle-earth into account. It’s not perfect, but it’s probably the best attempt I’ve seen at trying to bring it all together.

Page Talk Edit History. It’s also pretty darn good at summarizing all the stories from The Silmarillion and the First Age.

The summaries are good reviews, and the maps help visualize the many stories. It is a fairly dull read and not very well written though. Jan 24, Phillip rated it it was amazing Shelves: Fonstad has done incredible research into the geography of Middle Earth. Really cool book with maps of Middle-Earth across time. Are you competitive with Stephen Colbert’s knowledge?

The maps are treated as if they are of real landscapes, drawn according to the rules of a real atlas.