Junckers HP Commercial is a new high-performance two-pack, water-borne polyurethane lacquer / varnish. For prefinished or untreated, newly installed or. Junckers HP Commercial Reviews,This Quality High Traffic Wood Floor Lacquer is expertly reviewed by Gary from Woodfloor-Renovations. Havwoods Accessories is the leading UK supplier of timber flooring accessories to the flooring trade, a family business trading for 25 years.

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There is also a temperature requirement junckrs the surface you are about to lay it on. Vacuum the dust from the sanding and once again wipe off well with a cloth and clean water.

The links below are Product Technical information sheets from the Manufacturers and may be of use. Please enter the code: Vacuum all of the leftover dust and wipe off with a well wrung cloth and clean water.

Junckers HP Commercial High Performance floor varnish – Floorstock

Both of these lacquers will leave a superb, durable finish on any wooden floor. Different floor sanding companies will swear by either Cojmercial or Junckers products, but in reality they are the same. Previously sealed floors You will have to begin by washing the floor with Junckers Sylva Neutralizer.

We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Carefully Follow the manufacturers instructions for mixing and settling time. It’s not recommended to reusing an already amalgamated material beyond this time.

If you are looking for a great hard wearing lacquer for any high traffic area either in your home or in a commercial wooden floor then you will not go wrong using either Junckers HP Commercial or Bona Traffic. The leftover abrasion marks will then need to be removed with grit and then finally commeecial should use a grit paper to obtain a perfectly smooth surface. Junckers Base fill Safety Data Sheet. Technical data Mixing 10 parts of lacquer to 1 part of hardener.


Junckers HP Commercial Review,Reviews,Wood Floor Lacquer,Seal,Varnish,High Traffic

More Videos will be added in the commerial future. There also shouldn’t be any dust, wax, grease, polish, soap residues and so on. Junckers HP Commercial can be applied to a wood floor in a number of ways, a floor sanding professional will use a variety of application methods jjnckers on the size of project, but if you are looking to apply lacquer to for example a 20m2 lounge, Oak strip, a 9″ roller would be perfectly acceptable, the roller refill you need should be a ‘medium pile’ with the pile length being no longer than 8mm, a decent quality roller will have that information on the packet, use an inch and three quarter roller cage, these are more robust and just better than the cheaper inch and a half alternatives.

Junckers Pro Finish Review. The surface has to be sanded in order to remove any dirt and irregularities. System Recommendations Untreated and sanded floors: The answer is very little, they are very similar formulations, with the main difference being that Junckers HP Sport has a slightly better slip resistance rating than Junckers HP Commercial. They are made hpp the two big giants in the floor sanding industry and are similarly priced.

Choosing between the junckeds lacquers is like choosing between your best Nan.

Our floor sanding and restoration experts are here to help you to restore your floor to its original condition, or indeed to redefine your court markings. These two lacquers are the 2 part mixes that are harder wearing than Junckers Strong or Bona Mega. Junckers HP Sport Review. Tool cleaning and storage Rinse the tools with soap and water before the leftover residue dries.

Those specifications, coupled with its low odour, make it perfectly suitable for:. If unopened, the pack can last for a year, as long as it’s stored in a place with a normal room temperature. Machine sanding has to be done before lacquering.


You don’t always have to buy the manufacturers recommended products, which are normally twice the price of perfectly suitable alternatives. Sand with grit sandpaper along the fibres of the wood. Which means you should put ml of hardener per every liter of lacquer. Junckers Base prime Product Info. Parquet Block Repairs How To. The drying times with Junckers HP Commercial are slightly longer than the other lacquers in the Junckers stable, but this is a top quality formulation, designed specifically for high traffic areas, so waiting an extra hr or two overall is a small price to pay for using such a durable product, you can expect a hr drying time [per coat] with this product.

Apply a coat of Junckers HP Commercial, leave to dry, and apply the final coat. We have our own Floor Sanding Blog Page.


Contact Peak Flooring today Our floor sanding and restoration experts are here to help you to restore your floor to its original condition, or indeed to redefine your court markings. After that you should vacuum thoroughly and wipe off with a well wrung cloth and clean water. Find out more here To start off the process, you have junckres make sure the surface is absolutely clean and dry.

Apply only 2 coats of lacquer per day. Our Shopping Cart rely on cookies and with their help we can deliver complete shopping experience.

Once it is applied and dries, it becomes a colourless coating film. Bona 10″ Floor Sander Review. You can also find this product in UltraMatt variation.