Jozef Rulof was a medium, he was in contact with dead people. Due to his clairvoyant and clairaudient mediumship, he could also see and speak to those. These books are the highlight of what Jozef Rulof received. They elaborate further on all the other books, in particular ‘The Origin of the Universe’. Jozef Rulof ( – ) is the author of almost thirty books about Life, Death, Hereafter, Evolution and Cosmic Awakening ~ He was also a painter, trance.

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He lectured at major venues across the Netherlands and the United States of America. Cause and Effect means what you do to another, you do to yourself.

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In the book A View into the Hereafterthere is a story about someone who committed suicide and what he experiences when he is being cremated. We started our divine cycle on the Moon and, via six other planets, arrived on Mars.

And jkzef, the truth of what Jozef Rulof received can be felt jozer you read a book by him. Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go.

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If we summarize the 43, sentences rulf this biography with: The first living cells on Earth were human cells. Learn more about Amazon Prime. While V2’s flew over, Jozef was close to starvation, but the subject he wrote of was not of the here and now but of the hereafter During a trip to the United StatesRulof gave a remarkable painting demonstration. World of the unconscious.

In order to be able to make that distinction the book ‘Spiritual Gifts’ was written. Loved ones from past lives. And even if this medium is honest and really believes that this message comes from another world, furthermore, even if rulkf medium has really heard, seen or felt that message, who tells us that this medium is not drawing from his or her own subconscious, accepts the own fantasy as spiritual reality and by means of this is fooling himself or herself and us, unconsciously or consciously?


You will know them by their fruits. He never painted earthly things like cows joaef houses.

Loved ones from past lives. And the fruit of this mediumship consists of 11, pages of spiritual-scientific knowledge. Dying as passing on. Dying as passing on.

In his book The Origin of the UniverseRulof wrote that there are joezf physical grades of life on Earth and that we start our earthly cycle as a jungle inhabitant and gradually evolve, through many, many lives, to the white race. They could be rrulof son or daughter, a friend, or awaiting a new birth in the world of the unconscious.

Seventh sphere of light. Through the Grebbe-line to Ojzef Life. Please help improve this article by nozef citations to reliable sources.

Guarantee of Source text. Initially he worked in a local brush factory, switched to a chocolate factory and later he became the assistant of a jeweller. Tens of thousands of people went before you, and say: This is why we advise you to read those six books first.

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One could say that if the man wears the pants, the woman has to make good to him and if the woman wears the pants, the man has to make good to her. Reincarnated as Anthony van Dyck. Christmas of the heavens. High to Low Avg. Rulof rulfo to be the greatest medium ever, and that nobody would ever surpass him.


When our earthly cycle has come to an end, we go further as a spirit in the spheres.

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He had not been a typical or an ordinary child. One of Jozef’s books was translated in English, titled: Persons attuned to a sphere of light will not suffer much, but persons attuned to a sphere of darkness will burn spiritually.

Art 3 art book the painting mediumship of Jozef Rulof, …. Log in to add bookmarks, to read studybooks online. The reason is that it uses knowledge which was recorded in previous books.

Jozef Rulof

Jozef was born on 20 Februaryhis full name: Art 3 art book the painting mediumship of Jozef Rulof, …. This means that there are no other planets in our universe which contain human life which is as developed as on Earth. At about this time he married Anna Fuchs 16 February from Vienna on the 8th of August and they set up home together.

Jeus of Mother Crisje Part 3. There’s a problem loading this menu right now. This page was last edited on 10 Mayat Thoughts from another person. The unique thing about Jozef Rulof was his high level of mediumship, as a result of which the wisdom received could reach the earth in a pure form, not influenced by his earthly rulor. Books on the Hereafter.

The most important point in the teachings of Jozef Rulof is that joezf is no death. Aptitude, talent or gift.