Charles Leonard Lafontaine ou simplesmente Charles Lafontaine, (Vendôme, Loir-et-Cher, Em Genebra e publicou um jornal chamado Le magnétiseur. . Jornal Vortice,Ano VII, Nº 08 – p Verifique data em: |data= (ajuda); ↑ Collective. Ficha de VORTICE DANCE COMPANY, Compañía de Fatima, en la Web de Feminine Culture Award, at the Gala Evening Jornal “O Mirante”, Portugal, During the month of February I found a free time to write a brief review on Ana Maria Uribe which was published in the printed Jornal do Margs (Museu de Arte .

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The Unknown Avant-Garde[Sl]: Mail Art Projekt, Nuremberg: Horseguard lane Productions, Keith Demendonca, Dario de Souza, Dr.

Septemberedited by Derek Beaulieu. The Reed Altemus Collection is an extensive collection of mail art, copy art, and visual poetry from a variety of artists and authors.


Gestalten 7, Santa Barbara, CA: Box Phoenix, AZ Goode Productionn,edited by Mauro Conti. Xexoxial Editions, [nd], edited by Miekal And.

Anúncio para o Jornal NH | Vórtice Comunicação | Flickr

Bill DiMichele, Xerolage, No. Red Fox Press, March Rubber Stamp Art, Italy: Ga – Goetz Folders Now Every Shit Is Art! Moore, Sabra, vorhice of black and white film negatives, ca. Booklet with covers shaped like pop cans. Envelope with booklet filled with postcards and stamps from various artists from Tensetendoned We Absorb, M.

jognal Wood, Reid, e-Flux Poem: Cole, Jon Cone, R. Eight Page Press, Museo D’Arte Moderna di Senigallia: Leftwich, Jim, An Ecology, Finland: Maps of Juxtaposition, Alberta, Canada: A personal guide to Tokyo and all things Japanese, Issue 2, Japan: Topel, Andrew, Skull Pulse, Finland: Carson, July Folder Box 43 Score, No.

Charles Leonard Lafontaine – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre

Stapled pamphlet is an anonymous work of copy art. Answer Shirker Press, [nd], edited by J.


Winteredited by Gianni Simone. December 5, edited by Vortice and Juan C. Crouse, John, Prefaces, Charlottesville: Silly Symphony, Madison, WI: Micro by Takehisa Kosugi 0: Pi – Reve Folders Boyer, Mick Boyle, Daniel F.

Stran – Tav Folders Numero 1, Frankfurt, Germany: The first complete guide to the copy machine, NY: Stamp art of a Swiss-Army or pocket knife. A Point of View, Visual Poetry: Anonymous stapled packet of copy art poems and pictures, front page contains poem: Ganick, Peter, Small Poems, Finland: