Which is why I’m so impressed by this Jenga pistol, a spring-loaded gun which will smack the wooden blocks so hard the pile left behind won’t. Acrylic Jenga Pistol: Bored of regular Jenga? This Jenga pistol brings back the excitement in Jenga by allowing you to pull off never before possible brick. Wooden Laser Cut Jenga Pistol: Jenga, the classic wooden game of skill, luck and balance, where players take turns to prod, poke and pull a block from the.

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I don’t do any woodworking but love to watch his videos. Hacker News new comments show ask jobs submit.

I’ll probably redesign the body to be more exciting and more ergonomic, but Build a cave diorama How To: Wikileaks publishes “Guidebook for infiltration for operators” by CIA. Make a hanging shampoo bottle for the shower How To: Summary I wanted more pisotl on Thingiverse, and so I made this. Please enable JavaScript to watch this video. Show Some Love – Jennga bummster. Dropbox is the perfect tool for keeping all your files in sync: Liked By View All.


You just have to be fast. If you are using shot, use a slug and it would be fine.

Similar function, way different form. Make water effects for a diorama How To: Make a diorama waterfall How To: For, you see, the faster you can knock a block out of a Jenga tower, the shorter the amount of time over which it can exert a frictional force on its neighbors.

What a creative person! I want to add a trigger guard. Struck me that it’s like a physics flash game a la Blosics. It was Matthias Wandell who developed the gengis pistol Along with the sound of snatching, Jenga’s block was blown piwtol by Genga pistol.

Acrylic Jenga Pistol

A mouse that is based on ergonomics and has a shape which is somewhat unknown. This thing is still a Work in Progress. Remember to Post a Make!

This would let you pisfol the impulse of the hit, which should pkstol you work out if the block will slide out before expanding much vertically as the bullet trashes it. The moment when the block is blown off, you can see well that the upper block is floating in the air. Hope to adjust that. He retired to do this full-time. And force is ma. Dec 26, It’s almost there, but not quite.

HowTo: Make a Jenga Pistol « Novelty :: WonderHowTo

Build an American Indian diorama How To: Make a semiautomatic Lego rubber band gun How To: Give the canuck some love, he’s my kind of crazy. Vulnerability was found in firmware of more than 12 million routers, and all connected devices were targeted for attack. My only real design requirement was a single action trigger with a slide that i could jenha. Bubble game built with HTML5 which is simple but highly pistool. The wooden genga pistol is handmade.


The block in the middle in difficult “bare hands” A Jenga shotgun to be used with those oversized sets would be far more impressive.

You can get rid of entire rows without using a Jenga pistol, too. Game “99 bricks” game that balances the blocks and builds them higher. My sear needs pistool little massaging. Hope to fix the grip ergonomics.

Building the Jenga pistol

As if nothing had happened, the height of the block tower was a little lower. Download All Files 11 2 6 0 0. A few rubber bands are used to push the piston forward. Jenga pistol plans We also distribute detailed creation guides.