To make a textField a hyperlink to an external URL, you need to add the attribute hyperlinkType=”Reference” to the element, and add a. The following parameters set the behavior for hyperlinks for JasperReports A hyperlink enables users to browse to a URL, view another report, or invoke a. Use custom hyperlink handler with a Dashboard in JasperReports Server Used jasper server version: Problem Statement: Add hyperlink.

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Custom Hyperlink Target Sometimes, the hyperlink target is not known at report design time and has to be specified dynamically at runtime, depending on jaspwrreports environment where the report runs. If you want to point to a particular anchor that resides in an external document, you use the RemoteAnchor link.

Report Layout and Design.

RemoteAnchor – the current hyperlink points to an anchor within an external document. In such cases, the value of the hyperlink target must be calculated based on some runtime parameters or values.

Hyperlinks, Anchors and Bookmarks JasperReports allows you to create drill-down reports, which introduce tables of contents in your documents or redirect viewers to external documents using special report elements called hyperlinks. Reference – the current hyperlink points to an external resource.

This is the default behavior. There are different types of logging in talent studio. LocalAnchor – the current hyperlink points to a local anchor. The listener is an implementation of the JRHyperlinkListener interface. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.


A custom-typed hyperlink can have arbitrary parameters and is meant to be processed by a hyperlink handler registered while exporting the report. Is it that there is simply no text at all visible or are the links just not working? A factory is an implementation of JRHyperlinkProducerFactorywhich is responsible for creating a hyperlink handler for a custom hyperlink type. How does the hyperlinks are assembled to be displayed correctly?

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Hyperlink target producers can be added to the JasperReports engine in a transparent way, by registering instances of the JRHyperlinkTargetProducerFactory class as extensions. The following example illustrates how to add hyperlinks to our reports:. These local destinations are called anchors. Can anyone help me with this problem?

JasperReports – Hyperlink Sample

Integrating JasperReports with Hibernate. When a hyperlink is declared as having a type other than the built-in types, the hyperlink is considered of custom type and the user is expected to provide handlers to process the hyperlink when the report is exported.

These parameters are made available to the custom hyperlink handler so that it can generate a final hyperlink depending on the parameter values. These parameters are made available to the custom hyperlink handler so that it can generate a final hyperlink depending on the parameter values.

Then the report will open in the JasperReports internal viewer. All other page elements are displayed on top of the background elements. Hyperlinks are not the only actors in this viewer-redirecting scenario. Follow above Step 3 to set filters for drill down report shown below: The features of JasperReports. Documented by Sanda Zaharia. Hyperlink Type The type of the hyperlink is stored in an attribute named hyperlinkType. Integrating JasperReports with Spring.


Hyperlink Parameters in JasperReports

It would be good if you could set up an MWE minimal working example that demonstrates the problem and this you could simply post here in the forum. Restart jasper server and see hyperlink in dashboard.

Adding Charts and Graphics to Reports. In JasperReports, only text field, image, and chart elements can be hyperlinks or anchors. In order to handle page backgrounds, there is a special section in JasperReports that is rendered on all pages and its content cannot overflow to the next page.

Similarly, in this case the URL of the external file pointed to must be specified in the Hyperlink Reference Expression field, and the page number must be specified by means of the hyperlink page expression. Adding Reporting Capabilities to our Java Applications.