Jankiel Wiernik was a Polish-Jewish Holocaust survivor who was an influential figure in the Treblinka extermination camp uprising of August Following his . File:Jankiel Wiernik Rok w Treblince jpg Polski: Pierwsza strona relacji Jankiela Wiernika “Rok w Treblince” wydanej w Jankiel (or Yankel)-Yaakov Wiernik (in Hebrew: יעקב ויירניק; born , Biala Jankiel Wiernik Rok w Treblince jpg × ; KB.

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However, we decided to risk it, come what may. Thinking that this meant freedom for herself and her children, she relaxed.

The building, when viewed from Camp No. I n the meantime, “life” ran its “normal” course.

I was watched less than the others and also treated better. An Inmate Who Escaped Tells the. Return to Book Page. He left with me at once in order to get away from the gruesome jankiwl. For quite some time I had been working in Camp No.

The Scharfuhrer continued to beat us with whips and rifle butts at every step as we were being lined up.

A Year In Treblinka

The German fiends were particularly pleased when transports of victims from foreign countries arrived. The Operation Reinhard Death Camps.

They wore white aprons and had red crosses on their sleeves; they posed as doctors. He continued to live in Warsaw in relative comfort believing that his ‘aryan’ appearance allowed him to do so. In his talk, Franz told us that if we worked hard, we would get everything we needed. And, it is I who shall cause it to happen. I was standing on line directly opposite my house on Wolynska Street. It was difficult to make contact with him because there were German and Ukrainian guards all around and the fence was screened by saplings and you never knew who might be lurking behind them.


Often people were kept in the gas chambers overnight with the motor not turned on at all. The camp yard in Treblinka was filled with everything one’s heart might desire.

Rok w Treblince = A year in Treblinka (Book, ) []

The first to be called were specialists in the building trades; 1 reported as a master construction worker. The date for starting the revolt was set for June 15, but the zero hour was postponed several times and new dates were set, because the time was not yet ripe.

Harrowing Incredibly hard to imagine what these people endured and witnessed. The Oberscharfuhrer who had created this inferno sat by the jankie, laughing, caressing it with his eyes and saying, “tadellos [perfect]! Each chamber had a door facing Camp No. Holocaust woernik Deportations of French Jews to death camps.

The fetus would be exposed and could be seen burning inside the mother’s womb. Accordingly, a bodies of women were used for kindling the fires. After a while, the time had come to take the structure apart and move it to Camp No. All this time I was working with one of my colleagues and fate was strangely kind to us.


Every man and woman who wishes to acquaint himself with the criminal aspect of Nazism and Fascism should read Wiernik’s book. In addition there were 13 chambers in which inmates were gassed. His favorite jznkiel was “tadellos [perfect]” and that is how he got the by-name Tadellos.

They were sticklers wierbik formality and even demanded a receipt, but they were not even admitted into the camp and their insistence on a receipt was met with sarcastic smiles.

Because they were starved, janoiel pilfered food from the packages taken from the trains, and when they were caught, they were marched to the nearest open ditch and their miserable existence was cut short by a quick bullet. Since there was not an inch of free space, they just leaned against each other.