“Gripping a first-rate nail biter.”. —Tampa Tribune. James Rollins—the author of. The use of mass market originals as a farm team for hardcovers has lost popularity, but still works occasionally, as with Rollins, whose three. James Rollins is a pen name of James Paul Czajkowski an American veterinarian and writer of action-adventure/thriller.

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Add in the search for a “miracle” drug, a hugh pharmaceutical company that will stop at nothing to be the first to get their hands on it, the action is nonstop. Well researched information – The jungle description and the wilderness is so detailed, that I can only imagine the amount of study Rollins put into writing Amazonia. May 12, Stacy rated it really liked it. Army Rangers dwarfs any danger they may have anticipated. Dec 30, Jason Parent rated it it was amazing. Rollins won’t win awards for his prose or characters, though both function smoothly in this boldly drawn entertainment, and there’s little here that isn’t a variation of some classic rolliins trope.

And, rolline the process, people get shot, killed, eaten, shot and eaten, eaten and burned, shot and partially eaten and blown-up, and turned into fertilizer.

The caverns are inhabited by an entire subterranean ecosystem of primitive mammals—some intelligent, others savage, all beyond the reach of today’s knowledge. The Blood Gospel Reprint ed.

Before they can question what the painting means and who this enemy is, the team is attacked. It’s just over pages, so it’s really not very lengthy. But there are also things that should not be disturbed—and a devastating truth that could doom Ashley and the expedition: I’ve known intellectually the value of the plant life in the Amazon but this was a fascinating education.


I definitely recommend it, and I hope to pick up some more James Rollins books in the future. Please select what book this review is for. In all of the Rollins novels I’ve read, there’s gotta be a woman for the main hero. The detailing in the book is extraordinary- the author has done some pretty intensive research not just For most buddy reads that I have been a part of, the choice is mostly restricted to books that are rather dull or boring or something that I would possibly never be inclined to read on my own.

This novel features Dr. Czajkowski sold his first novel, Witch Fireunder the pen name James Clemens, through Terry Brooks ‘ publisher. The Banned and the Banished. A Talk With James Rollins”.

Failed Shadowknight Tylar witnessed the death of a god, whose blood healed his deformities but branded him a Godslayer and a hunted criminal. My rating now might change depending on my further assessment of the novel. Plot Twists – Loved the big reveal. Aug 28, Adam rated it really liked it Shelves: Users can purchase and download ebooks from Google Play, which offers over 5 rollijs ebooks and as such is the a,azonia largest ebookstore.

Jackie Chan’s 10 Best Films. The main character, Crowe, is intelligent, fearless, resourceful, and romantic.

Amazonia by James Rollins

If you’re going to have insomnia, or a long flight journey ahead of you, this is one heck of a book to have handy.

Aug 18, Alexander Draganov rated it it was amazing. There is a character that I’m sure becomes Joe Kowalski in later books that I just love, but he goes by a different name here similar background.

When the man dies, instead of burning the body and being rid of the threat, contacts are made. All action adventure stories need a Joe Kowolski type This book turned the tables completely for me, in that regard -racy and engaging with plots twisted more than a pretzel, this story is perfect for a movie script.


When the goddess Meeryn is murdered the peace is shattered, and Tylar de Noche — a defrocked knight who, as sole witness, is now sole suspect — must find the killer and prove himself innocent. Unable to comprehend this inexpl The Rand scientific expedition entered the lush wilderness of the Amazon and never returned.

And, there was even a little romance, which I didn’t anticipate. Escapism is big business. Well researched information – The jungle description and the wilder This is my first Rollins and I have to say this Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. The Best Books of Jun 09, Tanner rated it liked it.

So things are moving.

James Rollins – Wikipedia

roklins Jack Kirkland, from the novel Deep Fathommakes an appearance. Now, one of its members staggers into a Christian mission but dies within hours. James Rollins is one of the best adventure writers working today, and this early example of his work is typical of his writing and is a great escape. For the 19th-century American politician from Missouri, see James S.

iames I tried searching for indigenous views on the book, but couldn’t find anything through Google. God-Sword will finish the first trilogy. After being decimated during the invasion of Iraqthe floodgates have been opened for the smuggling of hundreds of exotic birds, mammals, and reptiles to Western nations. Rollins won’t win awards for his prose or characters, though both function smoothly in this boldly drawn entertainment, and there’s little here that isn’t a variation of some classic adventure trope.