PDF disclaimer. This PDF file may contain embedded typefaces. In accordance with Adobe’s licensing policy, this file may be printed or viewed. ISO System of Limits and Fits Orttech recommends that the ISO system of limits and fits (ISO R) be used for tolerancing of bore and shaft machining, and for. Scope of the ISO System The ISO System of Limits and Fits relates to tolerances on plain parts or components and to the fits corresponding to their assembly.

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No damage to equipment. KL7 Tighten ieo and bolts. Workpiece correctly and securely clamped. AS4 Fit a boss to shaft with reference to clearance fit. All sizes within 0,05mm per running meter. Workpieces correctly and securely clamped.

Obtain a recognised certificate. No kinks in wire rope slings uso chain slings. Calculations according to formulae. No damage to components. MM7 Set up a workpiece in a machine vice. According to comparison scale. ID2 Recall terms and conditions of apprenticeship as Gazetted 26 July MM3 Recall the parts of a universal milling machine.


Company quality standards on finish and with maximum 2mm deviation from line.

Press-On Solids – Southeast Press & Wheel

All safety aspects adhered to. DS8 Compile a material list from engineering drawings. Iron link, softer than the track and self-lubricating Corrosion resisting properties. Correct method of clamping with a lathe carrier to be used. MM21 Drill ream and spot face.

ID4 Recall applicable disciplinary procedures. Correct cutting compounds to be used. KL4 Install the following locking devices – lock-nuts, dowels, lock-plates, split pins, split-cotters, taper pins and wire method.

This includes the entry of tolerance information as well as the display of data within the appropriate modules. Correct cutting compound used where applicable. Our sprockets can be cast or fabricated to is requirements, however u nless otherwise specified: Correct according to inside diameter. ID6 Recall quality assurance procedures. AO2 Differentiate between arc welding consumables.

MM13 Cut a key.

BG2 Recall overhead crane hand signals. There are many different types of motherboards.

Maximum surface texture down to N6 according to comparison scale. We also implemented functions that improve the user experience: Type correct according to application.

MM4 Set calibrated dials. Selection to correct size nozzles in relationship to material thickness correct according to manufacturers specifications.


This proven design results in an assembled chain that is highly durable and wear resistant. Gage Management can now be integrated with Real-Time!

In Process Manager, a scrolling statistics view Ticker View has been added. Maximum surface texture according to N6 on the comparison scale. ID3 Recall applicable grievance procedures. Penetration and hardness correct according to drawing specification.

Products > What’s new?

We will continue to add new functions is the MeasurLink 8 suite, so make sure you check our website for new releases. All tolerance within ISO standard basis system. Correct drilling procedures used.

No dirt contamination in components. MM28 Identify high speed and tungsten cutting tools with reference to: Correct to manufacturers’ specifications. Correct to outside surfaces. Dividing head calculations correct. Correct centre height of specific tool and application. Correct according to oso specifications and a maximum surface texture according to N4 on the comparison scale. Angles according to tables for different materials. MF6 Use a vernier height gauge.