Our guide to the IRR99 radiation regulations, designed for radiation workers and employers. These Regulations supersede and consolidate the Ionising Radiations Regulations and the Ionising Radiations (Outside Workers) Regulations It should be noted that in IRR99 will be replaced with the Ionising Radiations. Regulations and this document and other ONR guidance will be.

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Duties of manufacturers etc. Dose limitation Reg Prevent the accident occurring Limit the consequences should it occur Provide employees with information, instruction, training and equipment necessary to restrict exposures For further precautions the employer should consider the need to designate certain working areas as Controlled or Supervised Areas and to take steps to prevent the possible spread of contamination.

Necessary steps should be taken in order to comply with exposure restriction. Loss or theft of radioactive materials which exceed the quantity values given in column 5 of Schedule 8 must be notified to the HSE.

IRR What are the Changes to Ionising Radiation Regulations?

Modifications relating to the Ministry of Defence etc Reg Maintenance and examination of engineering controls etc. Whenever work with ionising radiations requires notification to the Reglations an employer needing advice on compliance with the Regulations must consult a radiation protection adviser RPA.

Substantial external dose-rates or high levels of contamination surface or airborne can be expected in the event of a failure of control measures. Indicate the position of the radioactive source or whether the shutter is open or closed Indicate the state of readiness of an X-ray generator to emit radiation and give a signal when the useful beam is about to be emitted Are designed to be automatic and fail-safe.

Where an employer is able to show that the occupational dose limits set out in Table 2 are impracticable due to the nature of the work being undertaken, the effective dose to employees aged 18 or over may be limited to mSv in 5 consecutive calendar years with a maximum in any single year of 50 mSv.

Employees must not knowingly expose themselves or any other person to radiation to an extent greater than that which is necessary for the work being undertaken and all work is to be carried out with reasonable care.

Local rules orr99 radiation protection supervisors Where an employee who has received an ‘overexposure’ is to continue radiation work, his applicable dose limit shall be the proportion of the annual limit in the time period remaining.


The Ionising Radiations Regulations 1999

The amount of detail exchanged will depend on the complexity and direction of the work. What are the main expected changes? Wherever work is governed by Local Rules the employer must appoint in writing at least one RPS to supervise adherence to the Rules.

Such notification values for the common inventory of radionuclides in research use are given below:. Where the source capsule is not accessible, an indirect regulatipns is normally sufficient provided the area wiped can reasonably be expected to reveal leakage.

IRR17: What are the Changes to Ionising Radiation Regulations?

Accounting for radioactive substances. Without prejudice to paragraph 3— a the limit on equivalent Where an employer puts into effect a system of dose These tests are to be carried out by or under the supervision of a qualified person who has access to facilities and has the necessary expertise for conducting the tests.

Local rules and Radiation Protection Supervisors Reg The Radiation Protection Supervisor RPS should receive formal training appropriate to the radiation source under his supervision sealed sources, X-rays, radiochemicals, etc. Sealed sources and articles containing or embodying radioactive substances.

Reg 8 7 – Investigation Level An investigation is required when an individual’s effective dose exceeds 15 mSv for the first time in any calendar year. These relate to the prevention of loss or escape of radioactive materials which could result in contamination of the environment.

Plain View Print Options. Prevent the exposure commencing whilst the access panel or barrier is open Interrupt the exposure if the access panel or barrier is opened Prevent the exposure recommencing merely by closing the access panel or barrier Sources of radiation which can give rise to significant exposure in a very short time should be fitted with visible and audible warning devices which: When a classified worker decides to leave his employment the employer must provide him with a ‘termination record’.

Female employees must be informed by their employer of: All employees appointed as classified persons must make themselves available for annual medical examinations during work time and shall provide the doctor with such health information that is asked for. Following such notification the employer shall investigate the circumstances of the exposure and assess the dose received in regulationz to prevent a recurrence of the ‘overexposure’. Dose summaries are to be kept by the employer for at least 2 years.

Where regulxtions protective equipment is provided for an employee’s benefit, he must make full and proper use of it, report any defects to the employer and, as far as possible, return it to its proper storage place when not in use.


Actand the consequent Application outside GB Order SI ensure that in certain circumstances these Regulations can be enforced for work conducted outside Great Britain.

Regulatiions doses and special entries Reg Equipment used for medical exposure Work not required to be notified Sch regulaations The following exemptions apply to work being conducted on a single premises or site: A – switch to normal size A – switch to large size Irr999 – switch to larger size.

It is the duty of the outside worker not to misuse his radiation ir99 or attempt to falsify any of the information in it.

In general, the value assigned to any dose constraint is intended to represent a level of dose which ought to be achieved in a well-managed practice. Radiation protection adviser As an example, the use of mobile gauging equipment at multiple test locations involves the designation of temporary Controlled Areas, which makes the use of warning tape or other physical barrier impracticable.

Several of the Regulations do not apply to persons undergoing medical exposures or a person who acts as a comforter and carer. Any employer who undertakes work with ionising radiation must comply with IRR Prevention of leakage from a container holding radioactive material. The particulars to be included in the health record are given in Schedule 7. A report of any investigation which confirms accidental release, loss or theft must be kept on record for at least 50 years.

The duty to ensure that the critical examination is carried out rests with the employer or installer who erects the article, not the user. Such values for the common range of radionuclides used in industry and research are given in below. Regardless of how the Controlled Regulatinos is maintained, there is a requirement for a warning sign, located in a suitable position, to indicate regulxtions of the following:. In order to restrict employee doses to a minimum, controls are placed on areas with enhanced radiation exposure or a significant presence of radioactive material.

Equipment used for medical exposure Reg Acts. Where the HSE concludes that the investigation in support of a special entry application was rgeulations, or that the estimated dose was unreasonable, they may direct the employer to reinstate the original entry.