Julie Kagawa’s bestselling series The Iron Fey captivated the imagination–and hearts–of readers of all ages with its mix of magic, fantasy and romance. And now, as Meghan and her long awaited Prince Ash celebrate their new found union, the prophecy begins to stir. Find out the deepest secrets of Julie Kagawa. NYT/USA Today/international bestselling YA author Julie Kagawa has hit it out of the Iron’s Prophecy, by New York Times bestselling author Julie Kagawa.

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It makes me wonder what it would be like to see something from Kierran’s eyes, since he’s the irln one with three powers and whatnot.

If so, this series is tailor made for you. Julie Kagawa has created this beautifully terrifying universe and populated it with interesting and dynamic characters that will ensnare your heart and mind.

Iron’s Prophecy (Iron Fey) by Julie Kagawa

I am almost proud at her! My heart is bursting with happiness. I’m really going to have to re-read The Iron Fey series in order to satiate this longing that I feel. But this is still chock-full of Ash lines that will make you melt.

This series is emotionally charged and pulses with danger and suspense. Eventually Meghan receives the prophecy and decides wahwah the future can change whatever and they shrug and go on.

In Iron’s Prophecy I was wanting to beat my head against the wall at times. This novella takes you on like a kiddy version roller coaster of emotions.


Now that I look back, maybe the reason I liked it so much was because Meghan wasn’t there to emasculate Ash. I honestly just wanted to stomp my feet like an irate child and demand for more. I was definitely disappointed. Thank you for letting me experience one last adventure with some of my favourite characters ever written.

Sep 09, Michelle rated it it was ok.

I cannot wait for this, their unborn child?!?!?!? I’ve dreamed and hoped but I never thought Kagawa would actually give us another little snippet into the future of Megan as Queen and their no doubt adorable child I hope its a son like the one they had in The Iron Knight, I loved him so much.

Even if you order me to the hell that is the Winter Court Elysium. It’s time to let Ethan, her younger brother, take the reigns and help his sister out-it’s his turn to save the world, and it’s his turn to find love and become apart of the Fey world again To ask other readers questions about Iron’s Prophecyplease sign up.

Aug 19, Amanda rated it it was amazing. I couldn’t pause between books to see which one went where. These are your people, so that makes them mine as well, but my first and only duty is to you. Sure he will always be Ice-Boy but he is a little more human now he has a soul. Return to Book Page. Though I must say He actually made his own decisions and did what he wanted to do, not what he was told to do.


This was the perfect ending for Ash and Meghan. They’re just so perfect together. I devoured all four volumes in a week. Umm, well, let me see.

Dear Julie, Thank you. Unfortunately, it was over too soon, and I wished so badly that it could have been longer. View all 3 comments. However I’m going to be way more informed for The Iron Traitor now.

Iron’s Prophecy

I really hope things work out ok, but I havent even read The Lost Prince so I dont really know what I am talking about. She basically is like “oh no, they can’t think we’re weak, Ash needs to be able to prove himself” and tells Ash to go ahead and start a fight. As they’re walking through a crowd of Unseelie who seem to question their power she has a change of heart.

Dforeboding and of course LOVE. This series is rpophecy complete package; it has everything you could possibly hope to find in a book.

I will miss the wonderful world of Nevernever. They are getting ready for the first Elysium that Meghan has gone to as the Iron Queen but she is feeling a little weird prophrcy and almost fainting…. Buuuuuuutttt Kagawa doesn’t ever exit quietly.

Though Meghan and Ash are within each other’s arms, where they want to be, a certain prophecy will change their lives forever.