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IEC European Standard electronic reliability prediction software. Download a free trial now. IEC Electronic Reliability Prediction. The latest release from ITEM Software is an extraordinary collection of new capabilities that provides a customizable. IEC/TR Reliability data handbook Universal model for reliability prediction of electronics components, PCBs and equipment.

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By following the predefined interface, your team has the ability to create plug-ins that extend the capabilities of iQT. With iQT, you are no longer limited by the technology choices of software vendors or chained to infrastructure requirements of their products.

Ground; stationary; non-weather protected equipment for stationary use on the ground in non-weather protected locations.

Ground; non stationary; moderate equipment for non-stationary use on the ground in moderate conditions of use. Reliability data contained in the handbook originates mainly from field data operating in the following environments: IEC-TR looks like a patchwork where different approaches from different working groups have been lumped together. Unique Features Wear-out period For the vast majority electronic components, the wear-out period is very far out from the periods of use or lifetime.

Failures related to component soldering are included in the component failure rate.

IEC Reliability Prediction

Reliability data contained in the handbook originates mainly from uec data operating in the following environments:. It iiec equipment reliability optimization studies easier to carry out, thanks to the introduction of influence factors.

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Its unique approach and methodology has gained worldwide recognition. The time quantity, is lec number of calendar hours of the installed equipment, including working as well as storage or dormant hours. Contact us now for a price list, free trial or quotation: IEC Electronic Reliability Prediction The latest release from ITEM Software is an extraordinary collection of new capabilities that provides a customizable, cross-platform, multi-user, open frame-work. Non-intrinsic failures due to electrical overloads The reliability of the components used in equipment located “at the heart” of a system, is significantly better than that of the components located at the periphery connected to the external environment.

IEC TR 62380

IEC TR failure rate prediction software. For majority of the applications, a day is corresponding to one cycle, and temperature change? The reliability data contained in the IEC handbook iecc taken from field data concerning electronic equipment operating in these environments: Outside of Europe, IEC-TR isn’t of any importance, and inside of Europe only in situations where french interests play a role, for example french customers, 623800 international companies where France is a key contributor EADS, Airbus.

Screen shots click to enlarge Dialog view Chart view Results view. Users can construct hierarchical breakdowns of systems with no restrictions on block numbers or levels of indenture.

The following are examples of possible iQT extensions: The IEC module provides models for reliability prediction of electronic components, optical cards, printed circuit boards and equipments, which takes directly into account the iex of the environment. Optoelectronic devices – Section 2: For dated references, only the edition cited applies. The Isograph Blog contains a wealth of additional information on Isograph products and services.


After the analysis is complete, ITEM ToolKit’s integrated environment comes into its own with powerful conversion ie for transferring data to other modules of the program.

Furthermore, IEC-TR isc t he only standard taking into account the electrical environment of ICs and semiconductors interface, not interface, etc. Failures related to component soldering are included in the component failure rate.

It has didactical shortages and structural flaws.

IEC TR 62380 Failure Rates

As new sub blocks and components are added, ITEM ToolKit automatically recalculates all dependent failure rates to take account of new information. These powerful facilities transfer as much of the available information as possible, saving you valuable time and effort.

The following phases can be used: Focused on reliability, safety, and risk assessment, our iQT product is a highly extensible framework that provides common infrastructure for any kind of system modeling. International Electrotechnical Commission IEC models take into account the influence of the environment as a significant factor in the predicted reliability.