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AR Series Enterprise Routers. Zone switching In FFR networking mode, the BS instructs the MS to switch between partial use of sub-carriers and use of all sub-carriers according to the signal quality. However, the CDD can be eimax to improve the demodulation performance of the common channel, thus improving the coverage of common channels.

Data Center Heterogeneous Servers. The retransmitted data, however, does not contain system information bit except new redundancy information. The QoS parameters of the nrtPS are as follows: Purpose The purpose of power control wimac to control the transmit power of the MS, thereby ensuring the data transmission quality in various radio environments. Huawei Global – English.

For common channels like the Preamble, two-antenna CDD transmission can be adopted. Matrix B cannot provide diversity gain. Multi-Service Packet Transport Platforms. In addition, the network conditions affect wimaax transmission of signals.

If error occurs again, the transmitter retransmits the entire data block. The response message carries a recommended list of target BSs. We are high-quality partners of Huawei and Huawei Symantec.

It is used together with a paging cycle to determine the number of frames of a paging message. Using transmitter diversity can achieve diversity gain and power gain from multi-antenna transmission. Different streams are transmitted through the same time and frequency resources.


The user only needs to export the worksheet from the tool. Huwaei QoS transmission control mechanism defines the mapping relation between hkawei transmission bearer priorities and the WiMAX R6 interface transmission resource configuration and traffic.

Drag Press and hold the primary mouse button and move the pointer to a certain position.

Huawei DBS3900 WiMAX

When the uplink signal becomes good, the MCS is raised or the transmit power of the MS is lowered to ensure correct signal demodulation on the uplink. When do you ship out the products? The user needs to plan the OM transmission parameters of the BSs. If you need to get information about your project, please submit your information and we will contact you within one working day. With QoS, operators can divide users into detailed groups and provide user-specific differentiated and value-added services.

If the value of this parameter is too large, the scheduling priority is lowered, and the transmission rate is reduced.

Supporting Versions Table lists the versions that support the QoS feature. The Preamble and data on common channels are transmitted in CDD mode. Figure shows principle of uplink CSM. Your message has been sent to the following suppliers.

In MRC, coherent combination is performed for the signals received by multiple antennas.

In an adverse radio environment, HARQ can reduce the impaction of channel fading and interference fluctuation, thereby achieving high system gains, lowering the BER, and improving data transmission performance. Chase combing The transmitter transmits system information and redundancy information, and the receiver corrects errors in the data packet. After the receiver receives the data, it combines the data with its previously received one to raise the Signal Noise Ratio SNR before decoding, hence, increasing the probability of correct decoding.

The value of this parameter indicates the maximum size of buffer that a sub-burst can occupy. On the downlink, the BS limits the rate at the entry of the network. Firewall and Application Security Gateway. During engineering installation, the installation engineer reports the mapping between the position of each site and the ESN.


DBS WiMAX Feature Configuration Guide | Panku Singh –

Service flow A service flow is a uni-directional transmission service that is provided by the MAC layer and used to transmit packets. If the value of the bit is 1, the handover feature is supported. For details, see Step 2.

Recommended Quality Verified Suppliers. It supports the 64QAM technology. In this way, data transmission efficiency is maximized, and a high rate is achieved. Log In Sign Up.

The QoS mechanism specifies the association between data packets on the MAC layer and a connection-oriented service flow. The FFR 1,1,3 networking mode requires a precise and fast zone switching algorithm. Also, they might go to your country to help with technical problems if necessary. When the system capability is limited, the primary goal is to lower the PER to the target value and minimize reverse interference.

The BS can provide periodic uplink bandwidth allocations that can be used for requesting bandwidth and data transmission. The variation of latency is measured with jitter. This technology is used in 3G communication systems to increase spectrum utilization.

Main partner of Huawei and Huawei Symante. The MS obtains the information of neighboring BSs through scanning. The value of this parameter impacts the number of MSs that a frame can process synchronously.

Using space division multiplexing can achieve multiplexing gain.