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What do you mean by src? So, that user will be able to understand coding effects and meaning. But by default, its alignment is left. Which tag is used to insert heading of third level on a Web page?

Expand the term HTML. The style element holds the document for setting a font, color and alignment b font, color, alignment and sumitz c color, alignment and border d None of the above Answer: Can you change the style of numbers in an ordered list?

CBSE or Sriram software solution has used different tags in its Website some are empty while majority are container. Which of the hmtl HTML container tags do you apply to text for formatting the text as a paragraph? This is a container element and does not affect the appearance of the document. Write any two attributes used with this tag.

NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Foundation of Information Technology – HTML

To display the text in italics, ………. This horizontal line divides the screen horizontally.

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Empty elements HTML empty elements require just a starting tag and zrora an ending tag. The font size of a single line can be changed by using the following HTML code:. The content contained in the head section of your document provides information to the browsers and search engines but, it is not displayed directly on the Web arkra.

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Write HTML code to display ordered lists. Write the HTML code to display horizontal line of red color.

This type of alignment aligns text in right within the paragraph. This attribute is used to change the beginning value of an ordered list.

Differentiate between container and empty elements used in HTML. What is an attribute in HTML?

FOUNDATION OF IT-CLASS 10 – World Full of Questions

What is the purpose of using type attribute used in lists? The default color of vlink attribute is purple. CBSE04 Answer: What are two basic tags in HTML lists? All books are the property of their respective owners. Find the error s in the following code and underline those errors.

NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Foundation of Information Technology – HTML – Learn CBSE

False Because it is a markup language. Identify error s in the following HTML code. It gives the URL of the image document. True It defines color of the text. Tags and text that do not display directly on the page afe placed in a body b table c head d title Answer: Right click on the Web page and then select View Source from the context menu.



What is the ny of the following segment of the HTML code? This tag defines the title of the document. Definition List This is a list of items, with a description of each item.

Which of the following tag identifies the document as an HTML document?

These headings help us in obtaining a uniform look and feel for the document. It is used to identify the matter tags used in a Web page. HTML tags are enclosed in a curly brackets b square brackets c double quotes d angular brackets Answer: Which of the following is not a container element? This type of alignment aligns text in left.

Various markup elements are allowed within the body to indicate heading, paragraphs, lists, hypertext links, images and so on.