Dive deep into William Dean Howells’ Editha with extended analysis, commentary, and discussion. Editha has ratings and 33 reviews. Grace the Book Queen said: I did not like this story. I get what it’s trying to say and what it’s trying to do, bu. “Editha” is essentially about a women, named Editha, who attempts to pressure her It was not uncommon for William Dean Howells to express his opinions on .

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Let me hold you under the chin, to see whether I love blood, you tiger-lily! Mar 11, Luke Nathaniel rated it really liked it. When George returns, he tells Editha that he has decided to enlist, and in fact, he was the first person to sign up.

It should’ve been the other way around I think. The maddening part is not the character Editha her I liked this story in the way I like the message and evitha imagery and it’s well written. Noting the “documentary” and truthful value of Howells’ work, Henry James wrote: I enjoyed the polite but loving relationship between her and George, but I think she’s probably one of the only women who will happily and willingly let her beloved go to war, and loved him more for going to war as it showed his patriotism and loyalty to their country.

Editha by William Dean Howells

Gearson did not come to tea, but she had given him till morning, when, late at night there came up from the village the sound of a fife and drum, with a tumult of voices, in shouting, singing, howelks laughing. Apr 09, Brianna rated it liked it. About William Dean Howells.

I shall have to write and tell her–“. I wrote it after you went this morning. But when you consider the good this war has done–how much howeells has done for the country! We all want to be in the van, of course; we’re the first company to report to the Governor. It editah be such a walk-over as I supposed,” and he laughed at the notion. Preview — Editha by William Dean Howells. It is perhaps in this role that he had his greatest influence. I never ediha I should like to kill a man; but now I shouldn’t care; and the smokeless powder lets you see the man drop that you kill.


She brought me up to think war a fool thing as well as a bad thing.

Who really is the naive one? I’ll think it over; I’d like to believe as you do. Seriously, sweetheart, what the hell daring acts of patriotism have you done to make you Uncle Sam’s 1 Niece? Yes, we’ve had a meeting at the town-hall, and everybody has volunteered; and they selected me for captain, and I’m going to the war, the big war, the glorious war, the holy war ordained by the pocket Providence that blesses butchery. The story was first published in Harper’s Monthly Jan. I suppose that at the bottom of his heart every man would like at times to have his courage tested, to see how he would act.

Harper and Brothers, edltha It shows her selflessness, and I really respect her. It was very low inside the house, and so dim, with the closed blinds, that they could scarcely see one another: Feb 09, Jake Cole rated it liked it. Even more important for the development of his literary style — his advocacy of Realism — was his relationship with editya journalist Jonathan Baxter Harrison, who during the s wrote a series of articles for the Atlantic Monthly on the lives of ordinary Americans.

You belong to your country, and you have a sacred charge to keep yourself strong and well for your country’s sake.

Instead, he dies in battle and Editha must go to Mrs. I mean it’s good to serve your country and protect your nation, but I don’t like the notion of war, so I agreed with Mrs Gearson. He seemed to muse away from her as howelsl. She reminded me somewhat ohwells Scarlett O’Hara. Howells doesn’t have Twain’s touch, though, and the short story barely justifies its minuscule length with pros Howells’ critique of romanticism shares certain parallels with the masterpiece of American realist fiction, Twain’s Huck Finn, chiefly the movement from romantic perception to horrifying, darkly satiric realism and back again.

May 22, kristin paper reader added it Shelves: On one hand, that’s good that he makes his characters and plot so varying that you cannot tell how he feels about his subject, but on the other hand, it is impossible to tell what point he is trying to make, especially since view spoiler [Editha’s character does not change throughout the story.


It’s the kind of story that gets its point across by showing the wrong way. Now perhaps the miracle was already wrought in him.

“Editha” by William Dean Howells by Jamie Phipps on Prezi

Editha got off too easy. A light broke upon Editha in the darkness which she felt had been without a gleam of brightness for weeks and months.

Gearson was not well enough to write herself, and thanking her for her letter by the hand of someone who called herself “Yrs truly, Mrs. Within the letter, Editha tells him that they can not be together if they do not views things in the same manner.

William Dean Howells’ “Editha,” Richard Lovelace, and Shakespeare

A very powerful piece of anti-war writing – a bitter one at that. I’m going back to bed, myself. This will be a blow to her. She had it ready to send with the packet she had tied with red, white, and blue ribbon, when it occurred to her that she was not just to him, that she was not giving him a fair chance.

Email required Address never made public. Don’t you suppose I know all that you’ve been through, to come to this?

Editha is a patriotic young lady who convinces her lover, George, to join the army to fight in the Spanish-American war — a war she claims is “just” and will, once justly fought, raise their status in society.

Non dulce ecitha decorum Feb 21, Shaine rated it really liked it. But he was peculiar, and he might very well be reasoned out of his peculiarity.