Honda outboard service/repair manual – Seloc | 4-stroke | 4 stroke | Table of Contents PDF file | 2 hp – hp – 4 hp – 8 hp – 40 hp – 50 hp – 75 . Clymer Honda Outboard Marine service and repair manuals are written with model specific coverage for your Honda Outboard Marine. From basic service and. View and Download Honda Outboard Motor BFA owner’s manual online. Honda Power Equipment Outboard Motor Owner’s Manual. Outboard Motor.

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If a fuse is blown, install a replacement fuse of the same specified rating. Loosen the vapor separator drain screw. Improperly maintaining this outboard motor, or failure to correct a problem before operation, can cause a malfunction in which you could be seriously hurt or killed.

Operation First 15 minutes: Handle fuel only outdoors. Do ownrs try to remove the mud guard clip with f orce without raising the inner part of the mud guard clip.

Honda Outboard Motor BF135A Owner’s Manual

Page 75 Remove the three screws and separate the fuel strainer cup from the strainer body. The engine will not start if the F forward or R reverse gears are engaged.

Refuel carefully to avoid spilling fuel. Fuel filter or fuel tank filter clogged. Panel-mount Type The emergency stop switch clip and lanyard system is a safety device that will stop the engine if you fall away from the controls while operating the boat. Digital Tachometer optional equipment Digital Tachometer includes the following functions. If there was water in the engine crankcase, or if the used engine oil showed signs of water contamination, then a second engine oil change should be performed after running the engine for half an hour.



Propeller Replacement Propeller Replacement Before replacing the propeller, remove the clip from the engine stop switch to prevent any possibility of the engine being started while you are working with the propeller. Tachometer optional Equipment The tachometer shows engine ouboard in revolutions per minute.

If water is accumulated, stop the engine, and clean the water separator following the instructions on pageor consult outboars an authorized Honda marine dealer.

This outboard motor uses spark plugs that have an iridium coated center electrode. Refueling Insert the mud guard clips with the inner part raised off, then push in the inner part securely until they click. Honda power equipment outboard motor owner’s manual 49 pages.

Honda Marine | Owners’ Manuals

Stop the engine and keep heat, sparks, and flame away. Bad fuel; boat stored without treating or draining gasoline, or refueled with bad fuel.

Using the wrong f ilter, or a non- Honda f ilter which is not of equivalent quality, may cause Fast Idle Button The switch clip must be inserted in the emergency stop switch in order for the engine to start and run. If the gasoline in your fuel tank and vapor separator deteriorates during storage, you may need to have the vapor separator and other fuel system components serviced or replaced.

Transporting Use a motor support bar to prevent the outboard motor from moving while trailering the boat.

The control lever automatically locks itself in the N neutral position. Please read them carefully. Use starting procedure p. The Symbol for Cleaner Marine Engines: We want to help you get the best results from your new outboard motor and to operate it safely.

Thoroughly clean the strainer cup, and replace with a new fuel filter.

Do not strike or drop the ignition coil, or it may be damaged and require replacement. The tilt lock lever is used to support the outboard motor in the fully-raised position.


Honda Four-Stroke Outboard marine manuals

Reassemble the strainer body and the cup. Overheat Indicator Comes On And Engine Speed Is Limited If the engine protection system remains activated after 30 seconds, return to the nearest boat landing, and have the outboard motor inspected by an authorized Honda marine dealer. The ignition switch can be used to start the engine only when the control lever p. You can be burned or seriously injured when handling fuel. Propeller Replacement Before replacing the propeller, remove the clip from the engine stop switch to prevent any possibility of the engine being started while you are working with the propeller.

Use the minimum throttle opening necessary to operate the boat at a safe trolling speed. Remove the two mud guard clips from the upper part of the under cover grommet.

Honds the first outbpard hours or 1 month, then every hours or 6 months. Remove and inspect spark plugs. These gasolines are collectively referred to as oxygenated fuels. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Old gasoline will cause hard starting, and it leaves gum deposits that clog the fuel system.

Hard starting or stalling after starting. Shop Manual This manual covers complete maintenance and overhaul procedures.

Be sure to observe the following when servicing the spark plugs.