Get Instant Access to Hojas De Hierba Leaves Of Grass Bilingafae By Walt Whitman Jorge Luis. Borges #dbc [KINDLE PDF EBOOK EPUB]. Read Download. Hojas de hierba recoge la casi totalidad de la obra de Walt Whitman. Creemos que el hecho de que el gran escritor sudamericano J. L. Borges prologue. Hojas de hierba (Traducción de Jorge Luis Borges). Walt Whitman.

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The line where the old man idly looks at himself in the mirror.

We need ironists in this world. I was a champion.

Hojas de hierba – Walt Whitman – Google Books

Hojas de hierba Walt Whitman Lumen- pages 1 Review https: He even translates Leaves obrges Grass. It contains continents; it unfolds the new heaven and new earth of the Western world.

He thinks, now without wonder, that he is that face. Yet, as noted, the realization is even starker: Borges wants little to do with gods, even literary gods. With the outbreak of wlt Civil War, Whitman’s attentions turned almost exclusively to that conflict.

Whitman, Borges, and Ironic Detachment

Some critics have called him a mystic of the intellect. Borges prologue, seleccione y ofrezca una nueva version de Hojas de hierba da a esta edicion, ya clasica, un interes fuera de serie. The slow pacing of the first stanza—the image fragments stacked one on the other, the absence of an active verb or subject—create the scene. One of these ironists is Jorge Luis Borges.


Two years later, he was fired for opposing the expansion of slavery into the west. For the most part, all these poets engage Whitman and the tradition surrounding him with earnestness.

Whitman, Borges, and Ironic Detachment | Spalding MFA

Borges died in Geneva in Borges, though known in the U. He continued as a hospital volunteer throughout the war, nursing other wounded soldiers and acting as a benevolent father-figure and confidant.

Walt Whitman – maximo cantor del Yo, del cuerpo humano, del sexo, de la fraternidad universal, de la igualdad democratica; profanador insigne de todas las convenciones de forma y de lenguaje; ignorado, combatido y exaltado por sus contemporaneos – es considerado hoy el poeta maximo de Norteamerica, cuya obra, profundamente renovadora, se ha convertido en fuente de inspiracion permanente para las nuevas generaciones.

Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone.

He views with indolence his face in the worn out looking-glass. Ociosamente mira su cara en el cansado espejo. Instead, this encounter with the ravages of time, with that sort of death mask in the mirror, is what brings about the insight.

At residency this past May, I lectured on the tradition of response poems to Walt Whitman.

And the old gent, is weak and white and in his well-kept place, a humble room. By hiding the identity of the subject until the anagnorisis that comes at the closing of the poem, the sonnet teaches much about detail and pacing.


He returned to Buenos Aires inwhere he helped to found several avant-garde literary periodicals. He regarded people’s endeavors to understand an incomprehensible world as fiction; hence, his fiction is metaphysical and based on what he called an esthetics of the intellect.

There is, though, hope, especially for the writer. In such later works as The Gold of the Tigers, Borges wrote of his lifelong descent into blindness and how it affected his perceptions of the world and himself as a writer. Not only are there a large number of poems that address Whitman as literary predecessor, countless poets write in a vein they consider to be Whitmanic. Borges conjugates this in the present tense.

Hojas de hierba recoge la casi totalidad de la obra de Walt Whitman. His hand, without thinking, touches his mess beard and his marauded mouth.