These are the novel illustrations that were included in volume 8. Cover. Hidan no Aria Volume 8 Aria08 jpg. Aria08 jpg. Hidan no Aria where he met the Butei high “Assault” department elite, Aria H. Kanzaki. Alternative Names. 緋弾のアリア; Aria the Scarlet Ammo Volume Chapter Epilogue. Epilogue: Go For The NEXT!! The Spiral Sky Tree -Tornado High-. “C-Could you be a ”Cross-dressing Student” ” Stunned, I blurted out.

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The person herself went, “Oooh!

For the things that your ancestors had once taught me, I give my thanks, however Kanzaki Aria’ written on it was stuck on the right side of her satchel. And I’ll have to be alert against the glasses that Hotogi-sensei is wearing, as hodan as the pair that Jeanne wears occasionally.

Volume 24 – Reunion Alumni Association | Hidan no Aria Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

If I don’t clean up, I’ll be lynched tomorrow when they go on the hunt for the culprit. In that time, ‘twould be well were we to take back the Golden Shell from those of “Grenada” No matter what, they are our opponents in battle. It was beyond just one door, and it was only for five minutes, but this This mission calls for Kinji, Aria, Riko, Shirayuki and the other Butei to disarm the bomb and save the passengers.

If one wears such a thing with Japanese clothing, ’tis a loincloth. Lastly, this battle will But her silence meant that she acknowledged her identity as a girl. Simultaneously, I also felt that the number of times that Aria had had fights with Shirayuki and Riko had decreased.


Volume 17 – Recitativo

A spin-off novel was also published on December 25, I will bury you here. This time, I’ll be ‘Deen’. The attitude which had intensified at the ‘Bandire’ had completely relaxed thanks to those two, or rather, as a result of those two.

This was after what had happened yesterday, so I didn’t want to leave Aria, but Tamamo had said that ‘Grenada’ had crossed the sea and sky—probably with ships or planes—and left this place. I know of it because Nii-san had studied abroad for a short time at the Rome Butei High, but that is the name of the organization which is called SSR here, isn’t it?

A few seconds afterward, finally She will return to Germany, will she not? Each organization sent out representatives of battle, just like in a card game, and based upon the confrontations of those representatives, victory and defeat was decided.

At that time, I was companions with Patra’s great-grandmother. It felt as if it was stitched to the ground by Jeanne’s sword, pierced through it.

While avoiding being eavesdropped, she probably was chasing after ‘Grenada’. Diagonally behind her, interrupting was the witch in a black robe who had been staring at the nun, it seemed her name was Meiya, from the beginning.

I looked to the sky from the car window, but it didn’t seem as if there were any helicopters or airships passing by. Hidden in the smoke that was being spurted out of a smoke bomb which had been placed at his feet at some point in time, he was no longer visible. We are not voume as to the numbers of every organization, but at least, of the plus people that are, this will end without half of those here becoming enemies.


I’ll just play along for now. Aria, who was wearing a kids’ size blouse with buttons on near the top of her left and right chest this also had big frills on its lower hem, and a skirt which was so small as to be stupid, was struggling against Riko with a force which threatened to dislocate her wrist joints.

Learn More – opens in a new window or tab. As if trying to intimidate everyone who was standing about her, she thrust her guns forward, her arms open. List of actors who have played Sherlock Holmes List of actors who have played Dr. Aria tried to turn around to Hilda, muttering in Romanian from directly behind, but she could not. Since this is a peaceful event, just making costumes, why does my lifespan have to be shortened like this? We will be ‘Grenada’.

Wondering who will want to continue this story?