Rappresentato la prima volta il 21 dicembre dello stesso anno a Copenaghen, è una pungente critica sui tradizionali ruoli dell’uomo e della donna nell’ambito. Casa di bambola | Henrik Ibsen, A. Rho | ISBN: | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch Amazon. Casa di bambola by Henrik Ibsen, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Was there nowhere in her heart that didn’t hope Christine would have her answers? These are universal anxieties, and it seems from talking to people that it resonates in the most visceral way, especially if they are or have been in a difficult relationship. This leads up to a famous and infamous confrontation between husband and wife punctuated by Nora’s door slam heard ’round the world. To get so lost in something, to believe in fictional people so much. What is wonderful is that this three-act play was published in His plays were considered scandalous to many ibxen his era, when Victorian values of family life and propriety largely held sway in Europe and any challenge to them was considered immoral and outrageous.

She snuck them into her pocket and ate them on the sly. What was she trying to get other than money to pay off that bammbola loan. But this is in a class of its own. Being free requires us to release the brakes that anxiety represents in order to accept and appropriate our proper spiritual fulfillment or perhaps even to recognize, if that is what we in the end believe, that no insen prospect is in store.

Fourteen year old Mariel holds out sometimes. Of course, it is this decision that has made the play so famous or infamous. But this is disgraceful. Ibsen has written a play with themes that were only being widely accepted a century after its publication.


Eventually, he does find out though and rips Nora a proverbial new one. Are you sure of that Helmer: Demanding such here is unreasonable; this was a performance!

But really—there are plenty of fine stories to be told about twits and their ostensible transformations into non-twits.

Casa di bambola by Henrik Ibsen (4 star ratings)

I’m really happy that I’m thirty-three and never lost it. I have given it four stars. It is also a bold venture to write and stage such a play in a conservative society where it is decidedly being viewed as scandalous.

Too bad this edition doesn’t say who translated it, but perhaps the translation is from the late s and not cited? Nora has to employ her imagination on how to look good with nothing to go on.

There are funny, funny lines, like this: Did she ever love anyone without thinking about how much they loved her? I didn’t need anything but the way he talks about Nora to someone else as if she wasn’t in the room.

It’s been a long while since I’ve read any Ibsen and Hedda Gabler was the work of choice in the drama classes I took. I have another duty, just as sacred.

Casa di bambola

Although, if your looking for a completely satisfying ending, this is not hemrik you. But Nora, behind her lightheartedness and childish behavior – encouraged, always, by Torvald, who calls her diminutive, vaguely or sometimes explicitly insulting names names like “my sweet tooth” and “little spendthrift” – caaa hiding a major secret. He is often referred to as the “father of modern drama. I doveri verso me stessa. Nora has a problem since she had secretly forged a note for a loan to finance a trip to a warm climate when her husband was seriously ill.

Quotes from Casa di bambola.

Then she’ll be a real person. Now I am convinced that she really is a twit, but now I ascribe some of her twittishness to the artificiality of drama itself, especially at the end of the nineteenth century.

Casa di bambola : Henrik Ibsen :

If a person’s mind is a separate world, would it be so absurd to say that changing one’s mind is a more than adequate first step towards changing the world? She reminds me of young women I know who go on massive credit card sprees on clothes and they can never afford it. Certainly, they have weathered some challenges in life but they have survived.


Quando il dj, che per altri motivi lo vorrebbe licenziare, viene a sapere tutto, si preoccupa solo della sua reputazione e rimprovera aspramente la moglie.

You and Papa have committed a grievous sin against me: She told Torvald the money was left to her by her father, but it was actually loaned to her by one Nils Krogstad, and she has been slowly paying it back.

I really do save all I can. It was a refusal to accept that she hadn’t been living this way her whole life. This whole review has been basically gushing about his play, so you may be wondering why I only rated this four stars.

Am I guilty because I think Nora is twit? They do not understand one another; but the woman is judged in practical life according to the man’s law, as if she were not a woman but a man.

Simply couldn’t put it down. I’m not quite sure which Very enjoyable easy read that will likely be revisted My dear, I have often seen it in the course of my life as a lawyer. I ended up liking quite a bit. Nora discovered all this and finally took a stand to take back her life. I was also bothered by what seemed to me to be an abrupt –and thus unbelievable– change.

She borrowed a substantial sum of money a few years ago to finance a trip to Italy to help Torvald recover from a major illness.