Ralph Blumenau immerses himself in a monumental biography of Hegel by Terry Pinkard. CAMBRIDGE HEGEL TRANSLATIONS. General editor: Michael Baur. The Phenomenology of Spirit. Edited and translated by Terry Pinkard. Heidelberg. Terry P. Pinkard (born c. ) is University, known for his work on 18th and 19th century German philosophy, and particularly on Hegel and Hegel’s Dialectic .

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At the same time, the kind of state he supported was itself particularist: His unforgiving abstruseness, the anti-charismatic technique of his lectures, an ill-disguised condescension towards even the most gifted of women, had made Hegel legend. He rejected liberalism on Rousseauist lines: Political TheoryHegeland Philosophy of History.

Terry Pinkard

You can help Wikiquote by expanding it. Hegel, Misc in 19th Century Philosophy.

Philosophy Of Religion and Modernity. Political Theory Podcast more. Just about everything in the first paragraph is false except for the first sentence.

In other languages Add links. Critical TheoryHegelDialecticand Adorno.

Hegel: A Biography by Terry Pinkard | Issue 37 | Philosophy Now

Unfortunately, as Pinkard points out, whenever Hegel took up a university position, the cause for which he stood happened to be in retreat: While others forged ahead, Hegel spent laborious, though innerly productive years, as a house tutor, school-teacher, journalist and man of political letters in a series of more or less marginal posts.


The turbulent creativities of romanticism and reaction, incarnate in Napoleon, but also in Goethe and in Beethoven, give to Pinkard’s narrative its tidal motion.

Yet it is also clear that in all pimkard Human subjectivity emerges out of the background of life, not in opposition to it nor as something separate from it. Mcgrath – – Comparative and Continental Philosophy 6 1: Terry Pinkard’s biography is of the first rank. Education for Citizenship and ‘Ethical Life’: Professor Pinkard dwells at authoritative length on the surrounding history, on the public events which make the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries a watershed. As his authority grew, Hegel developed a passionate trust in philosophic reason and the sciences.

At his best, Hegel has a sense of the ‘density of being’, of the dialectical interplay between consciousness and the existential tenacity of things unrivalled. Critical TheoryPolitical Philosophyand Liberalism.

The philosopher’s philosopher

Sign in Create an account. Guanghua lecturesFudan University, Shanghai, China more. Critical Theory and Philosophy of History. Its regulative ideal has been the idea of ” immanent critique, ” as Rahel Jaeggi calls it in her new book, that is, the basic idea, inspired by Hegel and Marx, of extracting the conceptions necessary for the actualization of freedom from out of the existing dynamic of social life itself.

Terry Pinkard – Wikiquote

Mary Sarah Bilder – manuscript. Hegel, Wittgenstein, Kant, limits of thought, subjectivity, logical form, forms of life, recognition, self-consciousness.

Hegel also glorified the Prussian state, claiming that it was God’s work, was perfect, and was the culmination of pinnkard human history. This philosopher article is a stub. Those demands constitute what counts as a successful life. Whichever view one takes, and pin,ard or not we do so consciously, our modern world is, at numerous points, heir to Hegel. Click here to sign up. But the known material has never been marshalled with more spacious clarity.


By continuing to browse the site with cookies enabled in your browser, you consent to the use of cookies in accordance with our privacy policy. Between the love and friendship embodied in family life and private life, and the kind of equality found in justice and citizenship in the state, civil society as a market system introduces inequality and requires constant maintenance so that the markets do not tear apart the entire collective life.

His dialectic hdgel not envisage that the Spirit of History was working towards national unification but, to be fair, he never claimed that the philosopher could be a prophet: Philosopher stubs Living people American philosophers. This site uses cookies to recognize terrj and allow us to analyse site usage.