Heathkit SAA product reviews by real people like you. ONE OF THE BEST HEATHKIT PRODUCTS EVER, and ONE OF THE BEST MANUAL TUNERS. Download HEATHKIT SAA-CAL CALIBRATION PROCEDURE FOR SA- A ANTENNA TUNER SM service manual & repair info for electronics experts. Heathkit SAA Manual. Complete page assembly and instruction manual for the SA antenna tuner. Contains assembly notes, parts list, assembly.

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Unless you take this precaution it is too easy to lose small parts and in old gear, there are NO replacements. I made up a chart to keep nearby and can quickly tune it on another band if I want. It is too easy to forget where parts go or are connected.

For me, it is a great pleasure and a big part of the ham radio experience to take an old piece of gear and rebuild it to as good or better condition than when it was some hams greatest new addition to his shack. The Palstar has “electronics” inside, where the Heathkit doesn’t. It had to be epoxied back in before the project continued. As it is a kit, the quality of construction may vary.

Important also, is no matter how tight you think it is, go inside and tighten up ALL the hardware, and that includes the hand-built capacitors.

New to Ham Radio? Basically all roller inductors, regardless of tuner brand, require periodic maintenance. I think you will enjoy the process. I have yet to regret it, and I doubt I ever will. No “cold solder” joints and an all around nice job. I like the modern styling and appearance of this tuner SA non A It seems to fit right in with all the modern gear in my shack.


First off I have the sb and picked this up to have the set,wow what a tunner.


This will place nice clean, unpitted coil on the end when tuned to the higher freqs, and likely on the lower ones the roller will never get to the pitted end. I thought the best tunner I have ever owned was the dentron mt until I have used this one. This made it much easier to turn. Take the time to distinguish between the quality of a device versus the condition you happen to find it in. This model was more difficult to build than the SA To get to the roller requires some “disassembling.

This thing is based on the original “Ultimate Matchbox”, and the description is spot on – sucker will load up a coathanger. Also, regarding ‘screw count’ for shielding, it’s a myth.

Anything less is a steal unless major arcing or component failure has occurred. Then Hdathkit put on some beautiful shiny knobs and placed this puppy in service.

This tuner is exceptionally well designed, and uses surprisingly high quality components. Just be carefull pulling the sa-2060q shaft and don’t lose your alignment on bands during the mod.

These units are just superbly laid out, top quality materials used and should last for years. Then I received an offer from the XYL of a friend that passed away.

They are a great ssa-2060a and trouble saver. I suggest having a small box or pan to keep all the screws and washers and nuts together as you disassemble a piece of gear.


Heathkit SA A Deluxe Antenna Tuner (+ Parts + Schem.) (manual)

Hope this helps someone and I can honestly say the same for this as I said on my sb,your not getting mine. I use it for m, sa-2060q it will load up everything on these bands for me.

There is no sw-2060a to switch in extra inductance as on the Palstar. These internal meters are just as good as the readings taken on an external Bird meter. If you don’t, you stand a good chance of pitting one like this. It will probably tune a coat hanger to resonance in the meter band.

Rebuilding Heaths

One other little problem – the old glue had given up and the disk at one end of the roller had come out. No battery or external power required! You should never do that. They don’t stick in any spots or bind and turn quite smoothly.

Brown Heathkit Sa-2060a 2kw Antenna Tuner

After doing this maintenance, the roller on the Heathkit was very smooth and had a high quality feel. Also looks factory and you wont no it unless your very knowledgable on these units. It feels so solid and built like a brick outbuilding.

Heathkit should bring it back I was really pleased with the job the builder did on this tuner. This has a very firm and heavy snap to the band switch now and will never lose its alignment.