The Harbal mastering software has been around for more than seven years now, and its first release version was reviewed by Martin Walker back in SOS March. After WaveLab, I have to have Harbal. The name is a short form for Harmonic Balance. It solves one of the most challenging phases of the mastering process.

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Place the following plugins into the chain in this order and save as a preset with the same numbers I have inputted. Schematic representation of the functioning of Har-Bal. Limiter — Always use this and set the Out-Ceiling for This knowledge comes from an understanding of the functionality of those tools.

These are your peaks Figure 9. Complex time selection and filtering is our take on how to control errant peaks in highly dynamic instruments such as vocal parts. When you are finished mixing a track, mastfring it into Har-Bal and check for peaks and valleys.

Observe the numbers at the bottom of each band. Waves Q10 Paragraphic EQ or something similar. It lets you place two traces on your screen to allow you to compare files.

But ears will always be the final judge. This can be indispensable to having sonic consistency on editing projects; playlists; or an album, for example. Your tracks will sound their best when they are first processed in Har-Bal before any digital eq or multiband [Read More]. Users of the software report that this new process has demonstrated itself time after time in producing a harmonically balanced sound from one that was wanting. Notably missing from this view is the process of loudness compensation, which has been overlooked for the sake of clarity.


The envelope it already has from the analysis. Apple OS X Can I create and save presets?

Please keep in mind that you may not need to use every one of these each time and can simply bypass any of them. When a song is harmonically balanced they state that the effect can be phenomenal.

You should to pay special attention to your RMS power levels and adjust these based on the genre of the music. Which song is louder RMS level You will discover on a daily basis the real concept of mastering and the real reason why there are no perfect settings that can be used with every song.

Harbal: My Second Right Arm!

The entire process of mastering is heavily reliant upon the skills of the engineer. Three meters you should always have open are below: For example, you might raise the mid-range by 6dB because it sounds better but do you know if this improvement is actually due to the equalization or just merely the fact that the effective loudness has increased by something less than 6dB? Allow your song to play through completely to the end. The process will still be the same. Check your RMS level in your mix….

Any time values with peaks above the hrbal are selected and those below are not.


Har-Bal principally addresses the issue of equalization in a newer way. This material is free to copy, print and distribute freely. I do all my mastering work in Sound Forge 6, and it would be a lot more convenient if a plug-in was available.

Product Information

Finally, following on from harbak discussion of loudness, harmonic balancing attempts to compensate for the effect of changing apparent loudness that results from filtering. I do masteting my mastering work in Sound Forge 6, and it would be a lot more convenient if a plug-in was available.

In this way the you can be sure that the differences you hear are due to the change in spectral balance and not the change in volume. Find what you believe to be your best sounding CD and your worst sounding CD and analyze each in turn. So why is Har-Bal better than conventional approaches?

Mastering Tutorial – Har-Bal | The Scientific Audio Mastering Solution

Open a wave editor Wavelab, Sound Forge Place the following plugins into the chain in this order and save as a preset with the same numbers I have inputted. You should get into the habit of taking any commercial song and studying them while these meters are running.

You need to highlight the wave file before doing this in Wavelab.