RPG Item: GURPS Low-Tech Companion 2: Weapons and Warriors» Forums» Rules · Post Thread | Subscribe sub options. So, for my previous article, I reviewed Low-Tech Companion 1, and now I’ll review Low-Tech Companion 2. From the subtitle, it is obvious that. Low-Tech Companion 2: Weapons and Warriors expands on the already- encyclopedic information on TL warfare in GURPS Low-Tech, adding: History.

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The information on the world of the mind would be useful in any historical setting featuring rulers, priests, or philosophers. Written by Matt Riggsby and William H. Typically shortsword-sized, falchions include the bolo Philippinesdan sang gum Koreafalcata pre-Roman Iberiaparang Indonesiasica Ancient Romesickle sword Universaland trombash Congo — and the butterfly sword Chinawhich sports a knuckle guard. Low Tech Companion 2: Preview of the PDF.

Also they are any rules for guns of different sizes, anywhere, should i just assume they work the same? The first shields turned toward him, the glare on their surfaces threatening to dazzle him.

GURPS Low-Tech Chapter 5

Includes the dha Burma. Daily Life and Economics is for you. Find More Posts by Flyndaran.

On a successful hit, impaling dam- age is the better of that for a stop thrust or that for a couched lance p. This section has a nice blend of pure information and mechanics. Chronicle your exploitsassisted by the rules for scripts, shorthands, and copying books.

Let’s GURPS: Review: Low Tech Companion 2: Weapons and Warriors

Get the gods on your side through offerings, tecy, and altered states of consciousness. The call to battle is joined! Stats for common beasts as sources of both labor and food. You can invite your friends to help you. A small, weighted truncheon made of cloth or soft leather, designed to deliver a beating without obvious bruising Diagnosis-2 to notice the injury on a casual examination.


Elbow-length versions were common: As likely to be horn, iron, steel, or lead-reinforced leather as brass. Low-Tech Yeah there isn’t anything really for slings that I know of. A wedge-shaped blade on a wooden handle, for use in one hand and not bal- anced for throwing. The information is interesting and sometimes a mechanical piece is interspersed here or there; there is a described technique for some crazy chariot stunt fighting and a few described skill bonuses for gradually improving military technology.

I immediately recommend this book for anyone who wants more tdch weapon customization or wants to run a low-tech military campaign on a personal level. The heavy version includes the bisento Japan, Okinawa. But that’s techh all! Privacy Policy Contact Us. Several weapons here count as combination weapons, including the martel-de-fer see PICKpoleaxe, and versions of gurpa kusarigama, kusarijutte, tomahawk, and warhammer.

For other edged weapons, listed weight includes a flexible leather cover with negligible weight. Wednesday, January 27, Review: The specialized design removes -2 of the penalty for targeting chinks in armor p.

Twenty men with polished bronze shields stood atop them, waiting for the signal. This has a nice mixture of hard mechanics and information again much like the Fortifications chapter. Includes the epsilon axe Sumer and masakari Coompanion.

When a toiling populace daydreams, its thoughts can turn to gear, equipment, and achievements that are as far as we know impossible. Weapons and armor from loq and rawhide to warhammers and heavy mail; adventure and travel gear from simple stone knives to early submarines; everyday items and tools of every trade.

Daily Life and Economicsyou can bring life to your low-tech settings by detailing the everyday activities gyrps make the world dompanion. A polearm with a heavy chopping blade similar to that of a DAO aboveintended for use by compabion against horsemen. Other entries are functionally similar enough to one of these weapons to use the same statistics, even if they differ radically in appearance.


For game masters, the discussions of past technologies — based on up-to-date historical and archaeological research — will be valuable no matter what system is used. For GURPS players, this book also covers the skills and traits that let adventurers make the best use of their equipment. The Best Defense Every low-tech fighter and every gamer!

He adapts his tools to his goals, knows his weaknesses as well as his strengths, and leads his allies to victory. The wearer ignores Hurting Yourself p. Philosophers and Guros puts power in your hands. Warehouse 23 offers worldbooks, supplements, and adventures, in physical and digital formats, for GURPS — as well as many of our other game lines. Every piece of armor comes with DR, cost, and weight, as well as the realistic time needed to don it and a Holdout penalty that accounts for DR, flexibility, and design.

Breathing hard — he had been sprinting at top speed — Martialis reached the gate of the Museum and passed through, raising his sword to signal his victory. A set of joined, nearly parallel blades — of close to equal length.

Preview of the PDF.