Many legislative bodies have passed “Goonda Acts” (a colloquial name, due to the long titles) providing legal definitions of who constitutes a “goonda”. Some of . Jul 30, The Goonda Act has become a tool to put anyone in prison even without giving them an opportunity to explain their side of the story before the. An Act to provide for the better control of riotous and disorderly persons commonly known as goondas residing in or frequenting certain[ areas][ * * *].

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What is important is to not prolong the case. It aims at a year-long preventive detention of habitual offenders. Appointment and duties of Probation Officer.

17 rapists detained for a year under Goondas Act in Chennai

No democracy in the world has such a provision. September 7, It is both a colloquial term and defined and used in laws, generally referred to as Goonda Acts.

No amendments are possible here. When Parameshwari’s mother Parvathy came to her daughter’s defence, Kaladevi allegedly pushed the elderly woman down. Bringing digital piracy under the ambit of the Goondas Act does not sit well with a number of activists and cyber law experts too.

It was first enacted in in Bengal and lives on in some ggoondas or the other in several States in India, the law aims at a year-long preventive detention of habitual offenders. Goonras even felt that the law, if used effectively, is an important tool that can come in handy for the police.

Enhanced punishments in some cases. The slapping of the Act also holds severe consequences for human rights in the state. Bangladesh ‘s Control of Disorderly and Dangerous Persons Goondas Act East Bengal Act IV ofSection 13 1gives seven grounds under which a tribunal may declare a person to be a goonda and place him on the prescribed list of goondas: A pro-Eelam activist who organised a candlelight vigil.

No prior record but TN woman booked under Goondas Act.


Practically, there is no legal remedy in these cases. The views expressed in comments published on newindianexpress. For the film, see Goonda film.

Gross misuse? No prior record but TN woman booked under Goondas Act | The News Minute

The public prosecutor informed the court that the bail petition deserves to be dismissed since Kaladevi was booked under the Goondas Act. When the accused were produced gooncas a mahila court in Chennai, on July 17, a group of lawyers assaulted them in disgust.

Special orders against goondas and dangerous goondas.

Latest Don’t need RBI’s reserves to meet fiscal deficit: The sordid saga, involving 22 men that took place over seven months, came to light when the girl shared her plight with her elder sister. Where two or more persons are associated together with regard to any matter covered by the allegations contained in the information respectively laid in respect of each, to an extent which in the opinion of the Tribunal justifies such acg course, the enquiry into the matter with regard to which they are associated together may be conducted against all or any of them jointly, or against each of them separately, as the Tribunal shall think just.

Kerala is seeing a goonda raj: The previous month, Thirumurgan Gandhi, the convener of the May 17 movement, was goondws under the Act after his arrest for staging a candlelight vigil to commemorate civilian victims in the last phase of the Eelam war. Now share the story Too boondas.

Tell us what you didn’t like in the comments. Under this law, the accused will not be eligible for bail unless the Madras High Court quashes their detention. The distinction between the Law and Order and Public Order is well settled. Notwithstanding anything contained in any other laws for the time being in force, every offence punishable under this Act, shall, within the meaning of the Code of Criminal Procedure, be cognizable and non-bailable.

I, therefore, have no jurisdiction or power whatever to quash the order of detention.


Goonda – Wikipedia

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The Kerala Anti-Social Activities Prevention Act Act 34 ofSection 2 jstates ” goonda means a person who indulges in any anti-social activity or promotes or abets any illegal activity which are harmful for the maintenance of the public order directly or indirectly and includes a bootlegger, a counterfeiter, a depredator of environment, a digital data and copy right pirate, a drug offender, a hawala racketeer, a hired ruffian, rowdy, an immoral traffic offender, a loan shark or a property grabber”.

This article is about the term in general. But the government, in its enthusiasm, while adding acid attackers and sexual predators to the law, has also added ‘digital offenders’, meaning “any person who knowingly or deliberately violates, for commercial purposes, any copyright law in relation to any book, music, film, software, artistic or scientific work and also includes any person who illegally enters through toondas identity of another user and illegally uses any computer or digital network for pecuniary gain for himself or goonddas other person or commits any of the offences specified under sections 67, 68, 69, 70, 71, 72, 73, 74 and 75 of the Information Technology Act, “.

All News Videos Photos. We respect your thoughts and views! Effect of other law and enactments.

The ambit and the number of persons detained under the Goondas Act have increased phenomenally in recent years. However, the effectiveness of this move has been questioned by those within the system itself. There is also the question of how preventive detention laws provide very little room for legal recourse. But we need to be judicious while goodas your comments.

Hundreds and thousands have been detained across India with such acts.