First in the sexy new series from USA Today bestselling author Geralyn Dawson. Maddie Kincaid thought she finally found the simple life when she moved to. Give Him The Slip By Geralyn Dawson – FictionDB. Cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and time period. Booklist Online Book Review: Give Him the , Geralyn (author).Oct. p. Signet Eclipse, paperback, $ ().

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Important to read as part of the geralym because Give Him the Slip explains how Branch Callahan the father of Matthew, Luke, Mark and John was thought responsible for the death of the youngest Callahan brother, John.

Give Him the Slip

She never dreamed that helping a gentle old man would land her in the middle of murder — her own. Maddie Kincaid has sworn off of men and started a bus I enjoyed this romantic suspense novel by Geralyn Dawson very much.

When Maddie Kincaid arrives on his yacht unexpectedly, Luke Callahan is shocked and disbelieving of her story. And two more Callahan brothers to go to round out the trilogy and the segue to Eternity Springs. I got frustrated and tired with Luke treating his father so poorly, too. Maddie runs a business helping senior citizens, and on one of her jobs comes across some drug related mushrooms. The author churned out the next three installments, in a matter of only a few short The author slipped stowaway, Maddie Kincaid, on board the good ship “Lil’ Misbehavin II”.

It reminds me of Nora Robert’s trilogies where the are three siblings that are very close and involved in all three stories. They have all become responsible adults, working in different government agencies. There are two other books in the se I loved this book! Can he win the battle for her heart? Fearing the consequences, she takes off, and is sent looking for help by another one of her clients.


Return to Book Page. This book had me hooked from the beginning. Now, John’s murder caused the others to become estranged from their wealthy Dad. Maddie is the only child of a pair of rock stars. Unfortunately for him, she’s gorgeous, smart and determined to make it on her own. I even put it down a few times to read other books.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. I like the romance to be the focus when I read romantic suspense and that was the case with this book.

It was interesting to see Luke try to forget her once they dealt with the mushrooms, and how he tue couldn’t bive her off his mind. I thought that Luke Callahan was a great hero -one who was a bit on the tortured side – and his brothers sound like they will make great heroes for the other books in the series.

After his partner dies, Luke Callahan quits his job as a DEA agent, not knowing what he will do with the rest of his life. You can imagine how he freaked out when Maggie told him that she threw out some of the mushrooms because they wouldn’t all fit in her car. Too many snarls and grunts and crankiness by the hero. I loved the ending and how Maddie stood up for what she wanted. Luckily, Emily March will soon have two books coming out continuing the stories of Matt and Mark.

When the secrets start spilling and the nights heat up, Luke realizes he faces a new sort of danger-losing the woman he loves. She’s also independent and sassy and doesn’t just give in to Luke’s directives. She never dreamed that helping a gentle old man would force her to run for her life, right into the arms Now, she is in trouble again, all because she cleaned out a lake house for a nice old man.

He can’t admit to them, and when something happens to Maddie he feels it is his fault and just another reason for him to leave her alone. Give Him the Slip — Luke Callahan 2. Maggie was happy in her new life with her business helping old and infirm people remain in their homes. Feb 21, Pamela AllHoney rated it it was amazing Shelves: I felt bive for them both.


Give Him the Slip, by Geralyn Dawson | Booklist Online

I also liked seeing the effect Luke’s involvement had on various people in Brazos Bend. Penguin- Fiction – pages. If your print subscription has lapsed, you will need to renew. Maddie discovers that there is a romantic and sensitive man inside the tough guy that Luke shows to the rest of the world.

As Luke and Maddie spend time together, their desire for one another increases. But its not like that is what she wants. Arriving just in time to find that Maddie has been attacked, Luke’s protective instincts kick in and he determines to keep her safe.

But, even the suspense directly related to this one seemed drawn out.

DEA Agent Luke wants nothing to do with Maddie and her mystery, but her smarts, determination and charm draw him in. He is the bad boy turned cop, and boy is he is hot! I would cry too if someone did that for me. Such a fun geraln delightful read.

More thanbook reviews for librarians, book cawson, and book lovers—from the trusted experts at the American Library Association. Or will she give him the slip? Luke’s father is the client who sent Maddie to what was supposedly a female DEA agent. She’s been living a quiet peaceful life in Brazos Bend, running her business, Home For Now, helping old and infirm people remain in their homes.