Albert Speer was not only Hitler’s architect and armaments minister, but the Fuhrer’s closest friend–his “unhappy love.” Speer was one of the few defendants at. Gitta Sereny, CBE (13 March – 14 June ) was an Austrian-British biographer, The book was also later adapted by David Edgar as the play Albert Speer and directed by Trevor Nunn at the National Theatre in The book even. From Speer was the second most powerful man in the Reich and Hitler’s right-hand man. Gitta Sereny, through twelve years of research and through many.

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With Speer it was different. He continually denied seeing anything during his frequent visits to Eastern Europe where millions died. Sereny was given access to Speer’s archive and gittta details of the Spandau draft, that is the draft version of the Spandau Diaries, quoting excerpts that did not make it in the final cut of Speer’s publication.

Somehow or other he blocked this out within himself. My question in this regard serenu to how one might weigh one coherent ethical system against another. The Third Reich, however, actively and openly promulgated this viewpoint and many of its theoreticians–philosophers, scientists and ideological pundits–appeared to be quite certain that their policies were right in a moral sense.

What to say about this book? One of the best books I have ever read. It was in postwar Paris, inthat she met and married the photographer Don Honeyman, with whom she was to have a son and a daughter.

It was sent to me in that Austrian prison, and I could not put it down. This page was last edited on 17 Decemberat Of all Extraordinary story of one of Hitler’s right hand men, Albert Speer who avoided a death sentence at Nuremburg after the war but was to serve 20 years in Spandau prison for his alleged war crimes.


Speer was one of the few defendants at the Nuremberg Trials to take responsibility for Nazi war crimes, even as he denied knowledge of the Holocaust. Want to Read saving…. It’s a pity this is not available as an e-book but I wanted to read it bad enough that I bought the paperback as a used copy.

Speer wrote a book, Inside the Third Reichwhich I have read. During his imprisonment he spoke to a left-wing theologian, Georges Casalis.

The book is also a very private account of the apbert life, and I believe some of her admiration of him does come through when reading it.

Margret, especially, stood by Speer through everything – twenty years of worry with him in Spandau, raising six children virtually on her own although with monetary support from Speer’s friends – many of whom would also become estranged from him in later years, because Speer insisted on calling Hitler a criminal and defected from the latent Nazism of that generation – only to have him take a mistress in England, which he didn’t bother to hide from her, and to be informed of Speer’s fatal stroke from said mistress, who was with him at the end.

For it was during Speer’s time in Spandau prison that he made the acquaintance of a young French chaplain, with whom he became especially close the chaplain served at Spandau for about 3 years and gave him the impetus to strive to become a different, better person.

Gitta attributed her fascination with evil to her own experiences of Nazism as a child of central Europe in the early 20th century. You could say it is a psychological or intellectual biography, but even those words don’t do justice to its uniqueness. I can’t even begin to imagine the work that went into its production. Jul 19, Harry Smith rated it it was amazing Shelves: Fascinating in all sorts of ways, of course, but one aspect of this book that’s stayed with me is Sereny’s exploration of that grey area between knowing and not knowing.

Don, who died last year, was to prove a good humoured and profoundly supportive companion who accompanied Gitta through the long and painstaking research that became a hallmark of her work. The German nation adopted, by election!


Didn’t he do well?

This sppeer explores the circumstances around Speer’s life and lets the reader judge whether such a denial is possible. Speer became highly effective in his new role — production of all armaments increased tremendously.

Sereny tells about her job of reuniting displaced children with their parents after the War. When the Nuremberg Trials were conducted I was in Germany, and when Speer was spared the death penalty by the court, I thought he had got off lightly, considering his orchestration of Germany’s slave l I was born a generation after Speer but I fought in the Second World War, as a member of the RAF, and in its aftermath Albet was a part of the allied occupation forces stationed in Hamburg.

Bill Clinton was sorry that he did nothing as president to stop the slaughter in Rwanda. From Faust to Shoeless Joe Jackson in the musical Damn Yankees when the devil seduces a person he makes the bargain clear.

Speer is one of the more interesting Nazis in that he acknowledged the evil that he had perpetrated.

Albert Speer: His Battle with Truth – Gitta Sereny – Google Books

Sereny’s book, while to a large degree a sympathetic biography of a fascinating and likable man she and Speer were friends until his death innevertheless manages to challenge this standpoint.

I think I can safely say that I am familiar with the brutality and evil the Nazis wrought against their enemies. Despite the grim nature of her subjects, Gitta was a warm and generous friend with a ready sense of humour, and she and Honeyman entertained frequently at their home in Chelsea, London.