It’s called the GigaPower , and comes in an “Auto” and “Manual” variation. This stove is light, packable, durable, and cooks like a beast. For these reasons we. Perfect lightweight backpacking stove! It packs up into a very small size and works with many different brands of fuel. It is easy to light and adjust, is very stable. A compact, powerful and reliable backpacking stove, The Gigapower Manual packs the same trusted punch as the Gigapower Auto without the added weight of.

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It’s a good stove, light, compact, and with a hard… February 5, updated Dec 15, oobergooberkc 62 reviewer rep Rating: The Manual does not have a Piezo. Compare Snow Peak GigaPower prices below, and look for the new version by the size and shape of the valve.

Gigapower Stove Manual

I believe a stove should run equally well off any brand of fuel as long as the valves are the same, but the GigaPower performed significantly better with Snow Peak fuel back at home. This will let you store it in the included white box. Not a whole lot to say about it, the stove boils rapidly and heats evenly.

It folds up so tiny it will fit… October 7, Jonathan Williams guest Rating: Alcohol is a little slower and unreliable in certain conditions. The weather in early October was surprisingly ideal — highs of gigalower and lows in the mids.


This stove is bombproof. Reviews Perfect lightweight backpacking stove!

Snow Peak GigaPower Review 2018

Although there are other lighter and more efficient stoves out there now, this is all in all a very good and reliable stove, especially given its low cost. Did I mention it was delicious? As mentioned, the durability of the GigaPower is legendary. Overview Specifications Review Where to Buy. Cons loss of pressure in colder climates.

I have used this stove on many winter campouts and sometimes it takes a little bit of time to get it started, but in the summer it lights very fast. Even a light gust will significantly prolong cook time, as there is absolutely no wind protection without the separately sold windscreen.

This version comes with a Piezo ignition, which means automatic fire. The flame… November 7, drytinder reviewer rep Rating: This is a low weight overall, but is a bit on the heavy side for manusl stoves by an half an ounce or so.

It’s got a Savages Approval. I guess that is understandable considering its size and weight. The isobutane fuel used by the GigaPower and all canister stoves suffers at elevation and with temperatures under 32 degrees.


Snow Peak GigaPower Review | Backpacking Stove Review |

Highly recommended to use on a backpacking trip if you want food or heat FAST. Cons Doesn’t work well when cold.

It fits on any GigaPower new, old, Auto, Manualmanyal is designed brilliantly. I have never even come close to running out of fuel and always end up packing too much. The backpacking stove market is crowded these days. The four pot supports.

More on backpacking stove output and BTUs in our Guide. This stove is great. It works just as well as when I got it.

We tested the Snow Peak GigaPower 2. To ignite is easy just turn on the gas and bring a flame to the ignition and yes, these stoves can also be purchased with an automatic ignition system, but I personally prefer gigaower manual, you’re more than likely to be packing a lighter or fire steel anyway.

Not the lightest stove package, but nice and compact, very sturdy note 4 pot supports vs 3 on many other stovesand a nice light plastic stove container that takes lots of stuffing abuse.