Get Strong at the Joseki 1 has 7 ratings and 1 review: Published September 28th by Kiseido Publishing Company, pages, Paperback. K Get Strong at Joseki, Vol. 1 problems on josekis arising from playing the first corner move on the point. K Get Strong at Joseki, Vol. 2. Professional go players — starting with a rank of 1-dan — are also ranked by the dan 6 of the Get Strong at Go Series), with its relatively easy problems.

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As a result, I would consider my knowledge and ability to use joseki to be very weak. Get Strong at the Endgamehowever, removes much of the mystery from this subject. Aug 18, Ngo added it. Even strong players will be able to improve their tesuji skills through the repetitive practice provided by the problems in this book.

Tonydowler Dowler rated it liked 11 Feb 27, In another section the reader is shown when it is appropriate to expand his eye space and when he should fall back and play on a vital point. Working your way systematically through joswki numerous problems in this volume will reward you with a solid foundation in basic tactics and the confidence that comes with it. Joseki Jeongseok Compass 1. Since you will, in general, want to play bigger moves before smaller ones, being able to determine the size of various moves will go a long way toward increasing your endgame strength.

K52 Get strong at Joseki 1, Bozulich, Kiseido

Solving a life-and-death problem requires the reading out of the solution as well as the numerous variations and moves fet the opponent may respond with. Proper attention is given to how to play once a joski is finished. Positions in which you must determine whether a group is alive or dead occur in almost every game, and the player whose skill at killing a group or finding the moves that will give his own group two eyes stands the better chance of staging an upset.


Trivia About Get Strong at the This book is an ideal introduction to the field of fuseki and should be studied by every beginning fet. One of the most important techniques in middle-game fighting is identifying, then attacking weak groups.

Hoile Snest marked it as to-read Sep 07, The remainder of the problems are designed to hammer home to the reader the basic principles of the fuseki. For a sequence to become a joseki it must yield an equal result for both sides.

By BenGoZen August 25, Perfect for studying this is Life and DeathVol. The maximum handicap usually given is xt stones — the handicap normally given beginners by strong players. This is the book that will bring your tactical ability up to that of an expert player.

But creating or finding vulnerable stones, then attacking them aat is an equally important technique and one that many amateurs are deficient in. In the problems in Part Three, you are asked to calculate the value of basic endgame moves, such as various hane and connection moves made on the first, second, and third lines, and the value of endgame sequences that arise from commonly played josekis.

Get Strong At Joseki at Sensei’s Library

Other books in the series. In theory, all amateur kyu and dan ranks are separated by one handicap stone.

After this brief introduction, you will understand enough to play a game. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Also essential is the first chapter, strnog lays down the principles of even-game opening strategy. No trivia or quizzes yet.

Get Strong at Joseki 1

Especially recommended for players who have just learned the rules. Christiaan marked it as to-read Aug 12, The stronger a player gets the lower his kyu rating becomes. Damon marked it as to-read Jan 24, A beginner is given an arbitrary rank of kyu. There is a whole section devoted to choosing joseki in regards to the entire board. Igor marked it as to-read Oct 07, Manuel marked it as to-read Oct 13, David Leroy added it Mar 22, You will also find that the key to winning handicap games with white is not necessarily to study handicap openings and josekis, but to get strong in the endgame.


Introduction to the 11 basic joseki focused on in this book. On the other hand, if your opening and middle game are not so strong, the surest way to stage an upset is to become a strong endgame player. Accurate analysis, spotting tesujis, and killing or rescuing stones are the backbone of middle-game strength.

For errata, see http: Go has a handicap system whereby a strong player can play a weaker player on equal terms. To see what your jlseki thought of this book, please sign up.

The problems in this book illustrate: Rikhon Sharif marked it as to-read Jan 13, In fact, life and death is regarded as so important that apprentices studying to become go professionals are required to spend many hours each day solving life-and-death problems in order to improve their analytical abilities.

Get Strong At Joseki

Clark rated it really liked it Nov 03, Get Strong at Life and Death Return by Richard Bozulich Killing isolated groups or finding a way to make two eyes for them is an important technique gdt every go player must acquire. A section of practice problems focusing on choosing the correct joseki given the whole board context.

What aspects can be improved on? Although this is first and foremost a problem book containing problemsthe explanations of the main topics make it useful as an introduction to life and death and it should be accessible to players who have read an introductory go book and played a few games.