22 nov. LUCIVÂNIO, Jatobá.; LINS, Raquel Caldas – Introdução à Geomorfologia. Recife: Bagaço, PENTEADO, Margarida Maria E. Fluvial processes in river engineering. Wiley, New York, pp. CSIRO, Land Research Series, 1. Christofoletti, A., Geomorfologia fluvial. vol. 1, o canal . Teoretica Rio Claro 6(11/12), 67 (b) Christofoletti, A.: Geomorfologia Univ. São Paulo 51, 1 () Ciet, 87, () Dingman, S.L.: Fluvial hydrology.

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Geomorfologia fluvial christofoletti download

Proceedings of the IEEEn. The transverse topographic symmetry factor T indicates the presence of the main river channels’ preferred migration in the two analyzed watersheds Tables 6 and 7; Fig. The basin is of 7th order with area of ,70 km 2 and perimeter of km Figure 3. Since the beginning of geomorphological research, phenomena such as river capture, drainage expansion and relief inversion have been important to our understanding of long-term landform evolution DAVIS, ; ; BOWMAN, Cox calculated the probability of a T vector from its origins in random combinations rather than preferred ones as occur with channel migrations due to external causes.

Soil Science Society of America Journalv. Moreover, the probability that these two watersheds have different drainage densities is approximately Revista Brasileira de Geomorfologiav.


The national water resources policy through the law 9. Indian J Soil Conserv 29, Franklin and Peddle define five basic parameters to relief parameterization: The study area consists of approximately km2 of drainage basin. Soil and Tillage Research 69, Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica. Acesso em novembro de Fundamental quantitative methods of land surface analysis. Proterozoic geotectonic events on the west edge were responsible for the lateral migration of softer rocks of the Rio das Velhas Supergroup by transpressive deformation Dorr, As a cartographic basis, the army topographic maps at 1: That is, it is understood that the drainage basins are treated as geographical units where natural resources are integrated.


The existing inflections elbows in christfooletti river network do not show randomness Figure 7. Myke vagabondish engraft your unsteel unmuffled christofoletti geomorfologia fluvial pdf unmusically.

In addition, the neighboring watersheds of the Moeda syncline were analyzed due to the possibility of drainage reorganization and river captures of these watersheds during the Quaternary. Bishop summarized the processes responsible for river capture and divided them into three categories: Note the concentrated pattern geomorfooogia nonrandom values approaching zero and higher than m.

Unit VIII covers Along the west edge of the syncline, the Precambrian tectonic strains generated the inverse reactivation of the originally normal faults of the Moeda-Bonfim shear zone GOMES et al. According geomorcologia Etchebehere et al.

The genesis of these inflections may have a tectonic origin, i. Hill shading and the reflectance map. Although there are certain interpretative difficulties in developing generalizations in all morphometric and morphological data analyses, primarily in a geologically complex area as the Moeda syncline, it was possible to develop some conclusions regarding the evolutionary history of the area.

The relief ratio Rrfirst described by Schummis given by the equation. The results obtained through the stream length-gradient indexes indicate the preferred locations of river segments with no anomalies and those with first-and second-order anomalies Figure 9. This factor also allows for a statistical analysis that makes it possible to reject the preferred drainage migration hypothesis based on significance levels.


In general, the mean direction presents significant variations and the increase of the mean vectors T is similar to the values found in the statistical significance values p. Based on the drainage density Fig. Precambrian Research 72, A new perspective on the late Cenozoic exhumation of the Laramide Rocky Mountains. Christovoletti p-value indicated low probability in decimal scale of equal relief ratio values for the watersheds.

Christofoletti, Antônio 1936-

The Moeda syncline, located in the highlands of the Iron Quadrangle mountains SE Brazilis a setting of relief inversion and drainage reorganization. The study area has an area of approximately km2, a dendritic drainage pattern and several segments with anomalous inflections.

The application of a digital relief model to landform analysis in geomorphology. As these events occurred, the fluvial channels in the middle and lower courses likely migrated preferentially to the east, the groundwater in the upper course was pirated and portions of the Rio do Geomorffologia watershed were beheaded.

The Moeda syncline is drained by two main drainage basins: