Nalepa, J. () Geograf Bawarski. Słownik starożytności słowiańskich 2, 93– Wrocław, Ossolineum. Nalepa, J. () O nowszym ujęciu problematyki. (): “Charakterystyka językowa i nazwy geograficzne Pomorza”, Pamiętnik (): “Geograf Bawarski w oświetleniu językoznawczym”, Z polskich studiów. astwiki Xeógrafu Bávaru; bewiki Баварскі географ; cswiki Bavorský geograf; dewiki Geograf Bawarski; ruwiki Баварский географ; skwiki Bavorský geograf .

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Est populus quem vocant Merehanosipsi habent civitates XXX. Iste sunt, qui iuxta istorum fines resident.

Bavarian Geographer – Wikidata

Fragments historiques et geographiques sur la Scythie, Sarmatie, et les Slaves. Descriptio civitatum et regionum ad septentrionalem plagam Danubii. Sebbirozi habent civitates XC. JahrhundertBerlins.

Retrieved from ” https: Sittici regio inmensa populis et urbibus munitissimis. The first version of this docu- ment containing tribal names 1—13 was created aboutthe second final version ap- peared some years after the inquiry between and Theophilus imperator Byzantius] etiam cum eis quosdam, qui se, id est gentem suam, Rhos vocari dicebant, quos rex illorum chacanus vocabulo ad se amicitiae, sicut asserebant, causa direxerat, geigraf per memoratam epistolam, quatenus benignitate imperatoris redeundi facultatem etque auxilium per imperium suum toto habere possent, quoniam geograg, per quae ad illum Constantinopolim venerant, inter barbaras et nimiae feritatis gentes inmanissimas habuerant, quibus eos, ne forte periculum inciderent, georgaf noluit.


The effects of the of- ficial inquiry are unknown. Log In Sign Up. Schramm, Gentem suam Rhos vocari dicebant. According to the present author, many traces of the East Frankish inquiry were included in the medieval document called the Bavarian Geographer. Absent on the list are PolansPomeranians and Masovianstribes first of whom are believed to have settled along the shores of the Warta river during the 8th century, [4] as well DulebesVolhynians and White Croatsbut geograaf mentioning several unknown tribes hard to identify.

The epithet ” Bavarian Geographer ” Latin: Source text of document. Zeriuani bawafski, quod tantum est regnum, ut ex eo cuncte genetes Sclauorum exorte sint et originem, sicut affirmant, ducant.

Wagner, Stuttgarts.

Uulgarii regio est inmensa et populus multus habens civitates V, eo quod mutitudo magna ex eis sit et non sit eis opus civitates habere. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.


Bavarian Geographer

Iste sunt regiones, quae terminant in finibus nostris. Click here to sign up.

Kiersnowski, Plemiona Pomorza…, s. Skip to main content.

Wiślania od czasów Wysława (ok. n.e.), księcia królestwa Lechitarum | Merkuriusz Polski

Witczak, Dwa studia…, s. Isti sunt, qui iuxta istorum fines resident. Histoire ancienne des peuples de l’Europe.

There is also some information about the number of strongholds Latin: Jahrhundert, Berlins. Ludat, Giessens.

Tribes mentioned in the Bavarian Geographer. Iste sunt regiones, que terminant in finibus nostris. Chozirozi habent civitates CCL. Fritze, Geographus Bavarus, [w: