In a memoir, author Gary Paulsen tells tof his intimate relationship with Minnesota’s north woods and the dog team he trained for the Iditarod dogsled race. Woodsong has ratings and reviews. Autumn said: Gary Paulsen, three-time Newbery Honor author, is no stranger to adventure. He has flown off the. Woodsong is a book of memoirs by Gary Paulsen. The first half consists of Paulsen’s early experiences running sled dogs in Minnesota and then in Alaska, and.

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These places were all in Canada and Alaska. The wolves then pounced on her and ripped her insides out while she sat helplessly waiting to die. The first page encapsulates the theme by touching on humans’ propensity for destroying the very nature they claim to love, and the author’s initial misunderstanding of this concept.

Woodsong – Wikipedia

The main character used to be a big time trapper until he realized the true beauty of nature. Anyone younger might not understand parts of the book.

Jul 05, Maggie rated it really liked it. He has led a team of sled dogs toward the Alaskan Mountain Range in an Iditarod — the grueling, 1,mile dogsled race — hallucinating from lack of sleep, but he determined to finish. Characterization- Gary Paulsen is the main character.

I enjoyed reading this book, because it was something different for me. Free eBook offer available to NEW subscribers only. Plot- The story takes place in northern Minnesota. I enjoyed the plot of this book. This played a crucial part, because he needed to live in a cold area to train his dogs for the Iditarod.

Gary Paulsen went on many different adventures in this book. The theme is that Gary Paulsen is always learning from the dogs. Gary lived in a ranch house out in the woods away from the city, but not out of reach. Personal Response I gave this book a five out of five. I read the book Woodsong by Gary Paulsen. Most of them were in Alaska and Canada.


I also have a soft spot for Gary Paulsen because when I was in sixth grade, we read Hatchet, and I decided to write to him. Sign up and get a free eBook! He has led a team of sled dogs toward the Alaskan Mountain Range in an Iditarod — the grueling, 1,mile dogsled race — hallucinating from lack of sleep, but he determined to finish. He got a job from the state as a trapper, and he caught a few beaver once in awhile.

Woodsong Trade Paperback This played a large role, because this is what Paulsen trained for throughout the whole book.

Woodsong by Gary Paulsen | Scholastic

Paulsen and his wife, Gxry Wright Paulsen, an artist who has illustrated several of his books, divide their time between a home in New Mexico and a boat in the Pacific. Every day was a grueling experience for him and was a fight to get through the day. That’s a name we have put on them, something we have done. He had a dog sled team and got to know all the dogs extremely well and knew who would always pahlsen hard and who would get tired and slow down.

This woodsonb by Gary Paulsen is about his experiences with dogsled racing and his life with the dogs in Minnesota. All the stories were very interesting.

He introduces Cookie and Storm. The more he read, the more he got hooked.


He stated the Iditarod with a fairly young team that he hardly knew with some older dogs thrown in there also. Woodsong is a marvelous junior novel that leaves me puzzled why only two Newberys were handed out in —the Medal to Jerry Spinelli’s Maniac Magee and a single Honor to Avi’s The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle —when a book as deserving as Woodsong was eligible for the awards.

My favorite part was when his dog was bleeding gout of the rear and he didn’t know. But Gary is spurred onward by the beauty of the race and his devotion to the team. He was not prepared for this, and he had to improvise. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. The book starts off talking about a guy who knew nothing about the woods until it was too late. Paulsen was one of my favorite authors as a child and I am glad to see that my trust in him as an author was well-deserved.


This book is amazing because there are multiple surreal situations including hallucinations that are fascinating to read. I would recommend this book to anyone over the age of 12 and up. He realized that he did not know as much as he thought or needed. Mar 21, Desara rated it liked it. Apr 19, Jackson Melton rated it really liked it. I just finished this book and I thought it was ok.

Eventually, he realized that trapping was not for him, and became a musher for a dog sled team. This book is about his life and the ups and down’s that he encountered. Paulsen had to be trained when to assert his will and when to back off and let his dogs sort out the situation, and his proficiency as a musher gained more solid footing as his discretion improved. He writes about odd things that happened to him while on runs and in the woods, the brutality of nature and what his dogs taught him.

Tha This is very good, but in some ways, a challenging read for what appears to be a children’s book. Often times it was unclear of where Gary was and was hard to tell what was happening.