ABST. Garbhini Paricharya refers to antenatal care wh. Vihar (normal daily activities) and Vichara (psyc pregnant lady should start from the beginning o. uphold a complete caring plan in this regard called GARBHINI PARICHARYA. In Women’s life,. Sagrbhaavastha (pregnancy) is a special event. Systematic supervision (examination and advice) of a woman during pregnancy is called garbhini paricharya (antenatal care). Supervision.

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One basic advice is to avoid food in large quantities or even over nourishing foods, the reason being “to avoid a large foetus resulting in a difficult delivery”. Basthi in general is the therapy of choice to eliminate vitiated vaatha.

The maasaanumaasika pathya help in: National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Ghruta is ideal for improving iintelligence, memory and ingenuity, digestion, long life and eyesight. The garbhini paricharya is broadly discussed under three topics: These longings and desires are to be satisfied.

In this paper we are giving a broad expanse of the month wise diet, which can be modified according to the age, season, place, constitution and the digestive fire of the pregnant woman.

Haaritha advices, avoidance of foods which are vidaahi and constipative and vegetables like yam, garlic and onions, Haa. Some of the practices that are followed during pregnancy have a great significance.

The speciality or peculiarity of these likes and dislikes are that they are very often in contrast to the usual desires of the same woman when she is not pregnant. ;aricharya Ayurveda considers food to be the best source of nourishment as well as medication for the pregnant woman.

Support Center Support Center. Indulgence excessive in sex would cause deformed impudent or lazy child.

Mother and Child Care in Traditional Medicine – Garbhini Paricharya : Care Of The Pregnant Woman

Sleeping in supine position with stretched extremeties would cause the encircling of the umbilical cord around the neck. This is so because all other aspects depend on this phase.

Daily parichafya with cold decoctions of vaathahara drugs are also advised. A bath with cold decoction of these drugs should be given during pushya nakshatra. Some of these desires are very strong. As has been said earlier vaatha plays an important role in the delivery of the garbha – thus care is taken to maintain it.


Garbhini Paricharya (Regimen for the pregnant woman)

As the foetus reaches the fifth month the chetna i. This again is “guru” and in “aama” from, which paricharyz cause indigestion and formation of aama. These should be kept in close contact with the mother and can be used as amulets around the right arm and on the head. As it is quite common to notice retention of urine, in this phase of pregnancy, madhura gana drugs and gokshura would help as diuretics. She is called a dowhrudini.

It is similar to the garbhiji science diet to the pregnant women. Execessive hard work is prohibitted for pregnant woman, because over exertion may lead to abortions or other complications. Eight Month Before we list out the diet and regimen for the eighth month it would not be out of place to mention the role of vaatha in the process of delivery and how important it is to maintain it. Cooked shasti a variety yarbhini rice with curds, pleasant food, mixed with milk and butter and meat of wild animals Sus.

Antenatal Care by Ayurveda -Garbhini Paricharya

Email required Address never made public. It is reported in Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Tamil Nadu that the woman is allowed to do her normal daily household chores and some specify that she should pagicharya exert herself too much by carrying heavy loads or by running 8. Basthi is broadly of two types – anuvaasana basthi unctuous enema and aasthapana basthi corrective enema.

Massage with oils should be given but rubbing of unguents should be avoided as they would liquify the doshas Cha. Please review our privacy policy. Some are of the opinion that eggs can be given if the digestive power of the pregnant woman is good as per the dictum “Garbham aamagarbhena” which means that the foetus can be nourished by other substances having the same quality.

Journal List Anc Sci Life v. In such gqrbhini one should use one’s “yukthi” of power of reasoning, so as to fulfill her desire and at the same time render it harmless. User Username Password Remember me. Thus the requirements of the mother also change. As per the modern science there are lot many nutritional deficiencies occurring in second trimester which causes serious health hazards in mother as well in fetus.


A similar practice is observed in other areas also. Aaahaara food to be avoided during pregnancy The pregnant woman should avoid use of intoxicating substances like wine, meat in excessushna hotteekshna sharp katu pungentguru and vishtambhi hard and heavy to digest foods Cha.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Sushrutha has said that – the pregnant woman should totally give up coitus, exercise santarpana satiation or anabolic foods and regimenswapna viparyaya sleeping in the day and keeping awake at nightutkataasana squatting or the posture of sitting on the hams with the soles of feet touching the ground. Hence to have normal delivery it is very important that we maintain the vaatha and due to this reason we find that towards the last few months of delivery, all efforts are taken to keep the vaatha in an unvitiated state.

Though these symptoms have been mentioned and described, there seems to be no understanding of its actual cause. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Sixth Month Ksheera sarpis medicated with the drugs of madhura gana – ghrutha or rice gruel medicated with gokshura Tribulus terrestris should be given in the sixth month.

Lying on the back or in supine position may cause the twisting of the umblical cord around the neck of the foetus, carrying water can be tiresome work and also involves risk of slipping and falling down, which are not good both for the woman and the foetus.

Notify me of garbhinni comments via email. Gokshur siddha ghruta or yavagu.

Antenatal Care by Ayurveda -Garbhini Paricharya – Infoayushdarpan

Hence one is advised to listen to scriptures – in some families the recitation paaraayana of suitable texts such as the Sundara Kandam from the Ramaayana or the tenth skanda of Bhaagavatha is performed routinely. This would help in the proper development of the foetus. The proper garbhini charya would result in the proper development of the foetus, its delivery, the health paricgarya the mother and thus her ability to withstand the strain of labour and have an eventless post-partal phase.