Ganoderma tsugae, the hemlock reishi mushroom is quite common in central Maine and elsewhere in the northeast. It grows on dead or dying eastern hemlock. In the Southern Appalachians the little red corvette of these miscreants is the Hemlock Varnish Shelf, Ganoderma tsugae, also known as. Foraging Fun: Ganoderma tsugae. Although it is most certainly not June outside ( as much as I would like for it to be) I couldn’t help but write a.

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Shaped like a giant, furrowed kidney bean or fan, the cap can grow from cm wide.

King Bolete Boletus edulis B oletus variipes and other. One comment Reblogged this on things I’ve read or intend to. Artist’s Conk Ganoderma applanatum. Whether as parasites or saprotrophs, fungi are integrally involved with the recycling of wood.

Barefoot Foods

Here are some suggestions from my colleague 7Song:. Home Shape key Glossary.

See the recent images on this page and continue to the photo gallery. The medicinal properties of Reishi are gaining popularity in the United States.

I cannot find ganorerma information on the preparation and application of this medicinal fungus. In fact, even the most disgusting foot diseases and moldy strawberries are dear to our hearts. Turkey Tail Trametes versicolor. Some opt to slice it thinly for preparation. Whitish, becoming brown in age or when bruised; tsugze per mm.


If you have health issues or take medication there is a possibility of interaction. Since you will likely be monitoring them for a while, some patch maintenance is a good idea.

Ganoderma lucidum and G. tsugae :Cornell Mushroom Blog

It is my opinion that herbs etc are ganoerma one true source for healing and maintaining health. They will grow on the same tree for many years. I just started drinking ReishiGo which is gourmet Brazilian coffee containing Gtsugae. Black Trumpet Craterellus cornucopioides, C. In contrast to Ganoderma lucidumto which it is closely related and which it closely resembles, G. Reishi Ganoderma tsugae, G.

My tree that I thought might be used up has 30 fruit bodies on it so much for theories. Hedgehog Hydnum repandum, H. Note the clump of hemlock varnish shelf at the base of this hemlock tree. Ganoderma tsugae at MushroomExpert.

A tincture can be made using alcohol and water. Pesticides is a big concern for most doctors and acupuncturists, cultivated Lingzhi invariably contains certain levels of pesticides, while the true wild Lingzhi, grown and harvested from high mountain ganoderms has slightest level or none.


Ganoderma means having a “shiny or lustrous skin”; tsugae means hemlock Tsugaone of its common hosts.

Ganoderma tsugae

A hand lens reveals the fine pores. Although Ganoderma tsugae may appear terrestrial, it is attached to wood – in this case, buried wood. Eastern hemlock cones are also unique from other native conifers in that they are quite small, round and composed of few scales. Comment Cancel reply Enter your comment here So today I have decided to introduce you to one of my most spectacular finds of Food Rev Intl ; 11 1: Parasitic on living conifers especially eastern hemlock and western hemlocks and saprobic on the deadwood of conifers; producing a white butt rot of the heartwood; growing alone, scattered, or gregariously; annual; widely gnoderma in North America where hemlocks occur, and occasionally gaoderma from the Southwest.

Tsgae came across this site after discovering G Lucidum in central France.