Galley Proof – Kindle edition by Eric Arvin. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking. When they work, however, they’re damn delicious, and Eric Arvin proves very able in the kitchen (and other rooms) in Galley Proof.. Galley Proof, by Eric Arvin. An insightful, witty romance by an insightful, witty author. Story blurb: Fiction writer Logan Brandish is perfectly.

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And he pulls no punches in shaking things up for Logan. You fall in love with the characters and you hate to see the book end.

This is a lovely story with vivid, diverse, quirky characters Logan is an author in a rut, and not just a writing rut, a life rut. He remembers balley about this the next day.

There were quite I have to say I argin some of the reviews below and I’m sorry I did. I loved his Grand Adventure and the cast of characters he met along the way felt individual and unique. That’s why I enjoy his books, because the MC doesn’t need a man to make everything better; he needs to learn to trust in himself to make things better.

Coming of Age on the Trail Since I write historical fiction, many of these images are vintage photographs with a story of their own.

Remembering what Brock told him, he decided to take vacation to Europe. View all 6 comments. Life can be weird like that, sometimes.

More fiction with a romance storyline included. Soul Meaning Seventeen by A. The observations about life and writing were both cutting and entertaining. I really enjoyed this book, ptoof looking back I realize it’s because of his sense of humor. View all 8 comments. He goes to Italy to regroup where the natural beauty of the place, along with the local scenery of men, gives him close to the distraction that he was hoping to find.


This site uses cookies. This book was like a breath of fresh air. Introducing the characters from my forthcoming novel: This author has a way with creating characters who grow continuously throughout the story.

The end It’s not bad, but I’m not wowed by it.

Hours of your life that you’ll never be able to reclaim. The beginning of this book had so much promise, it had me laughing and really looking forward to getting to proor Logan and Brock.

There’s the funny old next door neighbor as well as the above-mentioned competing religious groups and a crazy mother. He is an unabashed romantic. There is something about this author’s writing that always makes me feel like I’m in on a hell of a joke.

The descriptions were also awesome. ;roof

Rameau’s Review Archive: Galley Proof by Eric Arvin | portable pieces of thoughts

All the while thinking he has everyone fooled, perhaps even himself, he is really an open book for anyone who eic enough to see to read. In a sea of romantic man-meets-man stories, this one is rather unique. This made Logan realized his situation. We are all, individually, so many different people—the one our friends see, which our families see, which strangers see, which we see—looking in the same mirror but getting refractions instead of reflections.

A character in the book actually asks Logan if it is his “Eat Gay Love” journey although I didn’t This was my first read of an Eric Arvin book, although I’ve had a few sitting on my Kindle. She may be my favorite part of the book. View all 26 comments.

Eric writes about human emotions, feelings, and the drama which normally comes along with them. Here, there are two of them: Soon enough, Logan’s current editor also appeared in Rome, not accepting Logan’s decision to abandon the book.


And there’s a territorial dispute between the Mormons and the Jehovah’s witnesses. My issue with this book though was that it seemed to want to say and achieve too much, ending up being all over the place. And guess who Janey brings along.

Galley Proof

Sadly this book wasn’t for me. Another great book by Eric Arvin. Either ingredient is lacking and—like a souffle missing eggs—they fall flat. If only Arvin had said what he made his character say: It describes Logan Brandish’s situation pretty accurately. I can’t wait to read his others.

Trivia About Galley Proof. Logan lives a quiet life. There’s Logan, an accomplished writer who has a tendency to run through editors. His life seems full and he is happy with the status quo… until he meets the editor of his new book. That resolution of that sub-plot was hilarious house-fires and religious three-ways.

With his mildly successful career as a romantic writer and his neat, predictable, monotonous life, his clean cut, boy-scout of a boyfriend, Curtis who loves cardboard boxes and that’s pretty much all that excites himand the quiet, completely unexciting, small town of Adbury where he lives in a big Victorian house with his bestie, Janey, who has this thing for Jehovah’s witnesses and Mormons. July 14, at 9: This is not the hot or not site.