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Chapter 5 Table and Graph Graphing a table whose values were generated using more than one function causes the graphs of all the functions to be drawn at the same time. Calculating the Number of Bytes Used by a Program 5. Chapter 7 Statistical Graphs and Calculations u u u u u To select the data list for a pie chart, stacked bar chart, bar graph or line graph Data 1. Data Communications Chapter 9 You cannot send the following types of screens to a computer.

fx-7400G Manual

The func- tions marked on the keyboard are color coded to help you find the one you need quickly and easily. Square brackets are used to enclose items that are op- tional. You can resume execution by pressing the w key.


Programming Chapter 8 Executing this program produces the result shown here. The procedure described here clears all memory contents. Selecting Value Display Modes This chapter also contains information on how to use the optional.

Programming Examples Programming Chapter 8 2. Getting Acquainted Chapter 1 2.

Chapter 9 Data Communications 1. Chapter 3 Differential Calculations Contents 8. When the condition becomes false 0execution pro- ceeds from the statement following the WhileEnd-statement. Chapter 4 Graphing 1.

Statistical Graphs and Calculations Chapter 7 The following describes the meaning of each of the parameters Programming Chapter 8 2.

Command Reference k k k k k Command Index Break Changing The Fraction Simplification Mode Basic Calculations Chapter 2 3 Changing the Fraction Simplification Mode The initial default of the calculator is automatic simplification of fractions produced by fraction calculations. The calculator automatically selects the next parameter for input.

Operation of the carriage return is identical to that of the multi-statement com- mand. Appendix Resetting the calculator initializes it to the following manuql. Chapter 8 Programming 3.

CASIO FXG PLUS user manual – User manual

After drawing a graph, display the sketch menu and then perform the following operation to make the pointer appear at the manial of the screen. Chapter 7 Statistical Graphs and Calculations k k k k k Displaying Paired-Variable Statistical Results Paired-variable statistics can be expressed as both graphs and parameter values.


Chapter 6 List Function Chapter List Function A list is a kind of container that you can use to store multiple data items. Use d, e, f, and c to move the maanual to the RUN icon. Use e to move the pointer to the other intersection. It con- tains a number of icons that let you select the mode work area for the type of operation you want to perform.

Casio fx-7400G PLUS Instruction Manual

Before Performing a Data Communication Operation. General graph settings SET To generate a table, you must first specify the variable range. Programming Chapter 8 Send Fx-7400t